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Cell Phone During Drive

The use of cell phones is growing more day by day due to which large numbers of problems are rising in the society. So, there is a need to regulate cell phones not only while driving but also on the public places.

It has been estimated that the drivers who use cell phones while driving are more likely to have accidents as compared to those drivers who do not use cell phones. The use of cell phones while driving have increased the rates of road accidents and led the deaths of thousands of people (Burgess, 2003). This happens just because they lose their concentration from driving which results in severe accidents. The mistake of only one driver always becomes the cause for the deaths and injuries of hundreds of passengers in the vehicles and people on the road. The cell phones while driving is just equivalent to driving drunk. The cell phones while driving are a cause of destruction. For this purpose, lawmakers of different countries have made laws so that they can prevent these problems and damages to the people. Although in some countries, different laws have been made which have banned and prohibited the use of cell phones during driving but still a strict regulation is required for this purpose. There are various countries which are also exploring laws but they are not sufficient for such a big problem. To control it, government should regulate the use of cell phone while driving very strictly. A great channel of cameras should be fitted on the roads which can help very much in regulating the use of cell phones while driving (Guerin, 2009). These cell phones will bring the drivers who use cell phone while driving in front of the police. By this the police can impose fine and additional fines on violating the laws and rules. It has been observed that in 2002 after regulation, the cell phone use by drivers declined significantly, from 2.3% to 1.1%. Another way for regulating the use of cell phones can be that the people must be given a good education while learning driving in which the experts should teach them the dangers and threats of cell phones while driving especially (Pachter & Magee, 2004).

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Along with the use of cell phones while driving, another problem is the use of cell phones of public place. Cellular phones, for most people today, are a necessity in their lives. They take their phones everywhere they go. This thing has created destruction in the society as people have to face many difficulties (Ling, 2004). The use of cell phones on the public places not only irritates the people but also annoyed them. The use of cell phones in the class not only deviate the concentration of the user but also the other students. When the cell phones rings in museums and movie theatres they infringe on the rights of the people. In restaurants, when it rings, the various ring tones drives everyone crazy which mostly disturbs the privacy of the other people sitting in the restaurants (Burgess, 2003).

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So, there is a great need that government and regulatory bodies get involved in the regulation of use of cell phones. Instead of just imposing laws, they should present rules and restrictions to the people and take every possible step for making the great use of the regulation. They should regulate hidden cameras in schools, museums, theaters, restaurants and etc. People who speak loudly on the cell phones in the public places should be given a charge. The awareness should be created in the people of the society so that they control their use of cell phones even on public places (Ray, 2009). The media can play a best part in creating the awareness in the people. A suitable guideline should be presented to the people by whom they become aware of the dangers for the violations of rules and regulations.

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Therefore, the people must make an appropriate use of the great technology and get benefits by caring the rights of the other people. The regulating bodies and government will be the best for introducing the new policies, rules and restrictions and then regulating them

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