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Iphone a Dystopian Instrumentalist View

By having an iPhone you can have wings in your shoulder to fly high but there are more negative impacts in the iPhone that would cut short your wings if you came to know the negative impacts. These impacts are causing trouble to the humans in various ways. iPhone is causing troubles in physical, economical, psychological, social and political impacts. Having an iPhone is something like having a knife in your hand that will produce goods to you always and may produce some bad results if you use them in an inappropriate manner. All in all iPhones are producing more ill effects to human than producing some goods.                                             

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Physical Impact of iPhones

iPhone does a lot of harm to humans by including more toxic materials in the iPhone manufacturing board. Many environmentalists in the U.S.A are now threats Apple to turn the iPhone a greener one. They want to tell the customers that the apple contains the toxic material in their manufacturing. The Centre for Environmental Health even started to campaign against the Apple to take action in 60 days. The campaign group in Oakland in California asks the apple to do the same.

The report given by the Greenpeace suggests that the iPhone has the most dangerous chemicals that are included in the circuit board of the mobile. The environmental group “Greenpeace” discovered that the chemicals bromine, chlorine and phthalates are used the increase the quality of the plastics. This proves that the Apple is not at all caring about the effects of that chemical rather caring only about the flexibility of the plastic in circuit board of the plastic.

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One of the members of the Greenpeace movement, David Santillo said in the video that is posted in their campaign group’s website: “Electronics companies have conventionally relied on the cool, clean image of their devices in order to sell them. What we have found over the years is that once you get behind that shiny cover, the story is very different.”

These defects may cause the level of the phthalate esters; this chemical may linked to infertility in births especially to the men’s. These substances are found in the iPhone headphone wires as a coated one. The toys and childcare items are having chemicals when compared to the iPhone. This type of will defiantly cause more trouble to the human.

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The CEH site also gives the information that “there are works to hold corporations accountable for their use of toxic chemicals that endanger public health”. They further added that the “We challenge corporations to stop polluting or to lower the toxicity of their consumer products. We motivate change by outreach, education, and when necessary, legal action under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act [otherwise known as ‘Proposition 65’].”

Finally the notice has been sent and the Apple desperately wants to act now. Control measures has been taken and the Apple spokesperson said that they followed the RoHS [the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive] which is the world’s most strict follower in the use of Chemical substances in Electronics.

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This whole story tells that the Apple is using the Hazardous substance that produces harms to us. We have to say thanks to the CEH for discovering the truth behind the Apple iPhone attractive look and performance of the product. This is the thing that Apple

marketed for some many months and released to harm our health for such a costlier amount.

(Sources: “Apple faces legal threat over ‘toxic’ iPhone”, October 17, 2007

Social Impact of iPhones

Many would think how the iPhone may affect the social well being. Surely the iPhone affects social status of the every individual. First issue that may rise in the iPhone social issue is the cost of the iPhone. Not many would buy iPhone. The lower middle may not able to buy the iPhone. This specifically creates hate among the lower middle class to the upper class people.

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Another important thing is, having the high grade technology in hearing the Music and sending the SMS (Short Messaging Service), many people are isolated from the public or social, because they want to spend more time with iPhones for hearing to the music or for chatting with the boy friend’s and girl friend’s. Ultimately everyone wants to be alone with their iPhones. These things are mainly affecting to the youngsters and they are not able to say a “hello” to their parents.

The fact is iPhone spoils the social behavior of all the people who are using iPhone for a long time. Actually these iPhones plays major role in the Adolescent young people who are under extreme pressure while they are chatting to the friends. This pressure makes them more vulnerable to stress. As it is said by the Logan Quinn “Whether or not this is a positive development is up to each person to decide for themselves, but if you feel as I do, the next time you're riding down to D.C. on the MARC, you'll put away the cell phone and attempt to engage the person across from you. Although they may be too busy texting their friends . . .”

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We have to really follow the words of Logan Quinn, that we have to throw away the iPhones when are moving to different planet. Many would rather wont like this decision but the fact is iPhones are becoming the most dangerous equipment in the modern world both in terms of the health and phonological effects in human.    

(Source: “The Social Impact of the iPhone”, Logan Quinn, 3/12/09,  )

Psychological Impact of iPhones

Behaviors and activities are first foremost things to be considered to calculate what man you are? This iphone trends completely changed the traits and activities of person upside down. The features and facility of iphone make us to forget everything. In very few days a person enjoying the facilities becomes an addict to the products like iphone and its new versions no matter what costly it is.

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This addiction slowly leads addiction to personality disorder. Like other disease psychological problems are also the one to be cured as soon as possible else it ends the life in big question mark. Personality disorder is a kind of psychological problem. A character of a person is estimated by a constant behavior of him. If he follows an abnormal behavior that is said to be a personality disorders, which in turn such affected person will not mingle with people normally.

The irrefutable truth is peoples those who are using high technology device like iphone gradually get modifications in their natural behavior. Like rather than spending the leisure time with friends and surrounding they stick with their own iPhones to play games, watch videos, and make all unnecessary activities in the thought that they are exploring new things. Definitely, these behaviors slowly detach them from their actual environment.

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The person using iPhones even fails to flaunt the smiley face to the neighbors on the way while listening to the music or involved any other activity like downloading, messaging, watching clips using iPhones.  According to the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition) defines a personality disorder as "an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual's culture.   

Political Impact of iPhones

The benefit of the iPhones now causes more troubles to the iPhone. The iPhone has the Bluetooth, Wifi and also the excellent phone network. No one in the world do not wants to combine the whole these things in single phone. Of course absolutely yes, but here comes the problem of Copyright infringement law. There certain issues in the Phone Network that must be solved in the iPhone. Then the certain things like playing music in the iPhone may lead to copyright violation.











(Source: “Who Would Have Thought the iPhone Would Become a Political Issue?” Annalee Newitz, July 17, 2007,  )

The other issue would the Political leaders like Al Gore who is not opening his mouth in the Environmentalists claim of Apple having the Hazardous material in the circuit board of iPhone.

(Sources: “Apple faces legal threat over ‘toxic’ iPhone”, October 17, 2007, 

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