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Integrated Marketing Mix Strategies


This paper reviews the touch screen tablet computer and the Multi-Touch and 3G connectivity which are the two target segments. This will be reviewed by covering the growth life cycle strategy for Apple iPad. These will be discussed as well as the best strategies for their stability in the market being covered as well.

Touchscreen tablet computer

The company has established Apple ‘iPAD’ tablet which agrees with the company mission statement where it talks about the utilization of the technological innovation. It’s through this strategy element that the company has established the tablet touch-screen computer with a hybrid system which in-corporate most applications. These applications enable the user to utilize the games, TV shows, and Music. There is also the utilization of the videos and reading with it at any place of your convenience. This also favors and attracts many users or consumers to be part of the technology as it provides them with appropriate needs.

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This device is wireless and it ensures that the consumers utilizes it with the Wi-Fi and the AT & T 3G. This strategy of diversity promotes the products use and escalates its penetration to the market irrespective of its geographical variable. People prefer diversified applications hence the company is utilizing the applications which meets the consumers demand. This strategy of diversifying its use has enabled the company reach out to many consumers even those in other networks (Goldstein & Bove, 2010).

Through the launch of the table tablet computing device, the company has also put to affect the leadership strategy. This indicates that the company is leading in the technology application industry. The leadership strategy of this product is through the establishment of viable products which finds the other industry players in an amazement point. This is how the bets and the most preferred marketing is suppose to be executed hence its makes it more productive and encourages the think tanks behind its establishment to concentrate on more affordable and innovative products (Sande & Sadun, 2010).

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Multi-Touch and 3G connectivity

Ipad is the latest technology which we now feel and experience it unlike before when it was more of an expectation. It’s through this experience that we get access to the internet irrespective of the availability of WI-FI connection. The technological experience with iPad is enormous as there is unique experience in its use. The multi-touch is the one of its own so far hence this makes it to be the most preferred company in coming up with the latest technological advancement. The multi-touch is the latest models in the market which are offered by iPad. This are in no comparison with any other in the market as its connectivity is reliable and it attracts people to its utilization. The iPad offers the Wi-Fi 3G connection which is the latest version in the technological advancement. The iPad is very important ton the technological application as there is excellent application which does not fail the users at all levels and in any diversified geographical locations.

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In conclusion, the iPad technology has various products which are in the market already while others are underway.  For it to successfully launch its products, it should consider several characteristics. These factors cut across the demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioristic lines. Such consideration, in the long run creates a lifestyle which gives way to a culture. The main mission for Apple Company is to seek more innovations on a daily basis and discover more strategies to be applied so as to ensure that its products are acquiring the required worldwide standards. This has ensured that the company leads all other similar companies in the world.

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