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Internet Standard and Security

Star clothing being a national wide chain of stores, it has experienced a tremendous growth for the past 15 years and it is continuously expanding through its retail stores. For purposes of proper and effective business operation and management Star Clothing works closely with Minnesota Consulting Group which provides and supports it with telecommunications and systems administration services. Star Clothing intends to carry out a project for renewing the store technology after identifying some of the security risks within its operation. For instance there are high security risks at the warehouses operations whereby there are 4 NT servers, which do not use VMware. Once VMware is installed then more than one operating system can be run on other machines within the application thus improving in all the stores.

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According to, Minnesota Consulting Group, 2010, there is an increased business growth in Stars Clothing stores; therefore there is an urgent need to improve the communication and information network security which if not well catered for, can be a major security risk. In the Stars Clothing IT department for example, there exist three major groups namely; Application development group, Technical Services group and Application support group, all the three coordinates very closely in running the Star operation activities. They are involved in processing transactions, systems development and improvement among others. Therefore to avoid incidences of network security risks that might interfere with communications and exchange of information, high technological advancements such as  use of wireless security, strong firewalls, improved telephone dependency and LAN and WAN security need to be put in place.  

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Once the renewal project is complete, the Star in partnership with Minnesota Consulting Group should develop effective and efficient risk assessment security policies which will be on bases of the standards and guidelines of the company. The policies will help in deriving a composite view of any organizational risks that may be still existing or emerge and highlight on security policy compliance measures thus ensuring proper infrastructure optimization (Michele 2000).

The Stars systems, most of them are complex for usage by all the staff, therefore this becomes a business operation risk as offering of services becomes limited thus incapability in handling huge business volumes of transactions. Therefore to eliminate this risk the company needs to develop processes and systems that are consistent and offer continued occasional training to its entire staff. Through this all the staff will acquire the necessary skills needed for quality workforce productivity.  

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