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Object Reusability

In software development according to fowler has the following reusability filters are usable if used within various multiple blocks which are interacted. Various activities and actions are usually assumed to be reusable at various stages such as during times of events, action objects, event objects and actions which are repeated. It should be noted that there is no link between originals and copies since copies awe modified without touching the originals. Elements are also shared making them reusable.

Configuration Management in Fowler object reusability is the process of monitoring and verifying change to a developing system. It is especially significant in a software environment. CM has three major objectives, which include the identification of product configuration at various levels, systematic control changes to the configuration, maintenance of integrity and traceability of the configuration through throughout the product life cycle. The advantages of CM in a project includes the reduced confusion & established order, organization of activities to induce sustainability for product integrity, assurance of accurate product configurations, limited legal liability though the provision of list of actions, reduced costs of life cycles, enablement of consistent conformance with requirements, provision of stable working environment, enhancement of compliance with standards and increased status accounting. In other words, CM satisfies the four foremost requirements, which are identification, change control, status accounting and auditing. In short, CM can provide cost effective project insurance when properly planned, organized, and implemented. It must be integral to your overall project execution, and to your charter/customer agreement. Proposed changes must be dealt with systematically, promptly, and honestly. 

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The objective here is to determine the producers, work unit and work product. The producers in the diagram are as follows: Software enhancement, Engineering change proposal preparation unit. While the work units are the Review board, Control board and the Incorporate change outlet. The work products are Analyze and Impact Assessment, Evaluation of engineering change proposal which result to a yes or no response, (No) Archive change, (Yes) Incorporate change and Verify change. The work product Analyze and Impact assessment is produced by software enhancement, the objective here is to create a good and qualitative product. While the work unit, which is the centre responsible for ensuring that the desired out is gotten or arrived at, is the review board, this is where the work as it were is processed and configured. Another work product is the Evaluation of engineering change proposal, which leads to a yes or no response and each leads to a different result. A yes will lead to change incorporation which will eventually lead to change verification. The work unit responsible for this is the control board, while the producer is the Engineering change proposal preparation unit. The (No) and (Yes) responses that takes data to the Archive change and Incorporate change respectively are work products and they are evaluated in the control board. Change verification is another work product and it is maintained/ processed in the incorporate change unit which serves as the work unit, and finally it is produced in the control board. Vital missing component is one very important component that seems to be missing from the given process is change control unit, this should serve as the work unit where data are released from the approval section are stored for future reference purposes. In order words, it serves as a form of library for the program. The work product will be the result of the changes effected, while the producer will be the Archive and Incorporated change (Henderson-Sellers 345-47).

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View of fowler works

According to Humphrey, software process in Fowler, “which is a learning vehicle for introducing process concept, it gives the engineer measures and analysis tools to help them understand their own skills and improve personal performance” (77). This is a different view not as viewed by Fowler. The Personal Software Process is the arrangement of skills, which facilitate the engineers to furnish their performance. The personal software process is usually delivered through a textbook and an introductory course. The engineers utilize these processes to enhance the process of programming. Through the teaching, the personal software process illustrates personal process rules and also helps engineers in making accurate plans. It also explores the ways of improvement for the engineers. The personal software process established benchmarks to measure personal process improvement and it also determines the impact of process changes on an engineer’s performance. The personal software process includes organized steps, which are Personal Measurement (personal software process), Personal Planning (personal software process 1), Personal Quality (personal software process 2) and Scaling up (personal software process 3) (78-79).

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The personal software process  launches software engineering methods, which are data gathering, size & resource estimation, defect management, yield management, cost of quality and productivity analysis. During the stage of data gathering, the information collected is size & time estimating error, cost-performance index, defects injected & removed per hour, process yield, appraisal & failure cost of quality and the appraisal to failure ratio. Similarly, the stage of size and resource estimation includes the potential motive of developing concise and accurate estimates to help engineers about the development of the process. Furthermore, all the errors are calculated indicated during compiling, testing and desk checking. Yield management is also the major personal software process quality measure. Similarly, the total process yield is the ratio of defects found and resolved before the engineer starts to compile and test the program. In personal software process, the engineers must reconsider their code before their first composing. To gain the absolute quality, the personal software process also manages to reduce costs through three parameters, which are appraisal costs, failure costs and prevention costs. Personal software process also instructs engineers to develop a better understanding about productivity and quality (Humphrey 80-84).

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While CM is a major element of a change control program, it is such a multifaceted discipline that it should be considered not simply as another activity, but as a program in and of itself. Establishing an effective CM program requires an understanding of CM functions and of the overall CM process.

Other aspects of the personal software process, including software design, process-scale up and process definition are also taken into consideration. Personal software process’s major design focus is to avert the defects in the design. The initial personal software process  course was the main agenda of the first year graduate software engineers on a large scale because it is commonly agreed that the students would have the needed programming language proficiency and software development competence. The one semester course has been compiled for 15-90 minute lectures. However, the time may be increased, keeping in view of the academic schedule. The foremost learning mechanism is the engineer’s experience in completing the exercises. However, the group discussion is also of prime importance during the phase of learning. The entry of personal software process in the industrial organization shows success in the area of course format. Another efficacious approach is to incorporate the personal software process from the top down in a course taught. Personal software process statistics conclude that the engineers can considerably make the performance healthy. This course is widely taught in university graduate courses. Similarly, the extensive personal software process data supports to remove their estimates so as to explain their plans and explain the engineers to diagnose issues.    

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Fowler current works

He is currently working on personal software process.  Amongst such things that will be benefited includes assisting engineers to make accurate plans, determination of the impact of process change on an engineer’s performance, demonstration of personal process, establishment of benchmark to measure personal process improvement and determination of steps engineers can take to improve product quality. The personal software process also has the advantage of introducing concepts in a series of steps which goes a long way in strengthening the engineer. These steps are personal measurement, personal planning, personal quality and scaling up. Time will be taken to explain how these steps work and show their usefulness. Personal measurement is where the personal software process begins; they learn how to apply Personal Software Process scripts and forms to their personal work. This is done by measuring development time and defect, they gather real and practical data which gives them benchmark and such is used as yardstick to measure progress while learning and practicing Personal Software Process. Personal planning has to do with the probe method, and they use this to estimate the size and development time for new programs based on their personal data. Probe makes use of linear regression to calculate estimating parameters and generate prediction intervals to indicate size and time estimate quality. By planning early, the engineer is able to gather enough data from experience.

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Personal quality introduces defect management with defect data from Personal Software Process exercise, engineers are able to construct and use checklist for design and code review. They are able to learn why it is important to focus on quality form the outset and how to efficiently and effectively review their programs from their data, they are able to see the usefulness of checklist in helping them review designs and codes as well as develop and modify these checklist as their personal skills and practice evolve. These steps introduces design specification and analysis technique, along with defect prevention, process analysis etc. Scaling up is the final Personal Software Process  step, this step helps engineers to scale up multiple processes they have in the above stages in a cyclical fashion to come up with a module. At this level, engineers explore design verification method as well as process-definition principles and methods. Given the various above advantages a student that has undergone Personal Software Process will benefit and there is no doubt that he will be in a better position than a student that has not undergone such process. Moreover this process will enable engineers come up a better and well improve program which will meet the required standard as to guarantee consumer satisfaction. One thing one must have in mind is that the Personal Software Process will put the engineer in a good frame of mind as his confidence will be at the maximum since he has gone through a lot of self-test and corrected all his previous mistakes and hence ensure that nothing but the best is given. Finally, we cannot overemphasize the importance of Personal Software Process to an engineer in ensuring an efficient and effective program and such only comes through subsequent trials that occur over a period of time. These above reasons given, is precisely why am of the opinion that Personal Software Process  should be required for graduate in computer science courses as this will ensure that the students give their best as a result of rigorous self-test and assessment of course all under a knowledgeable instructor.

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