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Teaching Diversity

Teaching diversity 

Teaching diversity is a necessary tool for a productive teacher. A teacher is supposed to apply his theoretical knowledge on various issues, concerning the major problem that a certain student faces (Adams et al, 1997). In this essay I shall be discussing the some of the scenarios that the teacher may face, and how he can respond to them. Classroom management matters a lot in trying to maintain a good learning environment. This is why a teacher, needs to develop a good culture among the students.

Classroom scenario and management

Teaching diversity may be considered a complex issue and that why it is important to address it in a more understanding way. Consider a case where by the student is facing a new environment, may be he is from another country. The perspective of this student is to try and keep up with others. At the same time this student may be not be familiar with the current language. This calls for the understanding between the teacher and the student. Also you need to help the student to learn the new language the best way you can. You can refer the student to a special language class (Caroline and Ehler, 2006).

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In another scenario, you might find a student with some learning disability. It is very common to find slow learners in a classroom. In this case the particular student might be affected and also the classmate. If the teacher concentrates on the slow learner he will slow down the rest since, the slow learner will require a lot of attention (Tony 1992). It is there fore, important to modify the curriculum that will incorporate the capability of every student. The teacher needs not to discriminate this student in any way.

Some student may have special needs like blind and deaf student. This student may require some special support because, they require modified instrument to enable them learn. In this case the teacher needs to have some special knowledge on the operation of these tools. At the same time the curriculum need to integrate a separate syllabus for these students. Considering a subject that may require some observation made, it would be very difficult for a student with visual problem. They need to have their separate syllabus. As a teacher it is important to ensure these students are considered and given the necessary attention (Caroline and Ehler, 2006).

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Another possible case is the present of a gifted student in a class. A major case may be in a high school science classroom. This student needs to be challenged n by being above average work by his teacher. The teacher can encourage the student to have independent studies and do more research on the particular field. It would be wise also to give the student a hard assignment to ensure that he is not idle at any time. The classmates should be made to understand that they are not on the same level with this student. Therefore it is important to concentrate on every student needs (Adams et al, 1997).

In teaching diversity there is need for a resource teacher, who may need to come occasionally to advise student or train them in a particular field. In this case the teacher should be able to handle him and give him the collect guide lines on how to deliver his services (Adams et al, 1997).  The student needs to be informed before the resource teacher appears before them. Like in acting class, a teacher can invite a talented actor to offer the services. The curriculums also need to be modified to incorporate such needs.

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In general, teaching diversity requires the creativity among the teachers and the ability to accept change in any way possible. The various scenarios that the teacher may come across can be managed. The teachers understanding is the major issue in this case. The student with special needs need to be considered when modifying the current curriculum. It is the responsibility of the teachers and the curriculum designers, to consider the teaching diversity (Tony 1992). .

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