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Supervisor Performance Evaluation

Management and evaluation of employee performance is an integral component of the functions of the Human Resources Management in any given organization. This is because the performance of employees or the lack thereof, has great effect on the financial and program components of any organization. This performance evaluation and grading system will evaluate the performance of a supervisor I have worked with at California State University. The grading scales with range from 1-5. The performance scores will be interpreted from “unacceptable” to “superior” along the scale of 1-5 respectively (Appendix I). The supervisor ratings will be evaluated based on her performance on the key responsibilities relevant to her designation in the institution.

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Leadership Skills

On leadership skills, the supervisor is evaluated based on demonstrated ability to direct others in accomplishing tasks, provision of opportunities for employees to develop their skills and ability to create favorable climate for change (Krausert, 2009). Here, the supervisor rates 3 on the scale. She is able to perform all her duties satisfactorily. She may only need normal guidance and supervision. She also delegates duties and authority when it is appropriate.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

On interpersonal skills, the supervisor can be rated 2 on the performance scale. The supervisor rarely keeps personal information of other employees confidential. Besides, she often engages others in negative gossip especially discussing other people’s weaknesses and failures. She is not very approachable and rarely considers the opinion of others. The supervisor communicates clearly but does not listen effectively.

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Personnel Management

The supervisor often strives at bringing about an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude in the junior employees. She also appropriately recognizes and rewards individual and team achievements. Whenever there are differences in the department, she seeks resolutions that result in win/win outcomes. Also, she is good in providing accurate feedback. Therefore on personnel management, she rates 4 on the performance scale.

Planning and Organization

The supervisor engages others in effective and efficient planning meetings. This furthers the mission and vision of the institution. The planning is very strategic and focuses on the organizational goals. Therefore she rates 4 on the evaluation scale with respect to planning and organization.

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Appendix I: Performance Evaluation Scale

1=UNACCEPTABLE-Does not meet job requirements consistently; below minimum performance requirements. Immediate improvement is needed for effective performance.

2=NEEDS IMPROVEMENT- Occasionally fails to meet the performance requirements of the position. There is need to improve performance so as to meet position’s the expectations.

3=MEETS EXPECTATIONS- The supervisor performs the duties satisfactorily. Normal guidance may be needed.

4=EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS-Exceeds job requirements frequently; all objectives planned are achieved beyond the standard expectations; Achievements registered even in unexpected areas.

5=SUPERIOR-Exceeds job requirements consistently; the highest recorded performance. 

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