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French Language

French language comes second as the most taught language internationally and in readership after English. It is also the only "other" linguistic spoken and used in five other continents. It is an official language in twenty eight countries. The widespread use of French can be attributed to the fact that French, with English as the official language of many big organizations in the world, such as the UN, NATO, UNESCO, the International Red Cross Association and IOC (The International Olympic Committee), to name a few. French as a matter of fact has much significance on language especially that its use is widespread it assists in better communication. In a recent study it has been proven that the study of French helps one improve or develop better listening and retention skills. French language study helps one improve on his language proficiency and vocabulary especially the English language. In the course of study one gets to comprehend better other languages particularly English as area of concern.

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Actually the significance of the French language on speaking well is vast especially in empowering the speaker; one becomes a better listener, hence making one a better communicator. Improved communication skills will win one the respect and ones colleagues and employees. Due to the better communication skills definitely leads to leadership skills, which in turn will increase ones management potential. Better communication also increases ones visibility at the workplace which probably may lead to recognition and eventually landing a promotion. Increased confidence both socially and professionally is attained due to better communication skills and also the ability to articulate points in a clear, concise manner eliminating probabilities of a conflict.

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It is of much concern of the claim about French language on a factual base that the negative backwash effects, which bring about undesired outcomes especially in the intellectual development of the people. A good example can be the cases of language immersion which involves a method of teaching a second language or the target language in which the second language is used for instruction. Unlike a moral traditional language course, in which the second language is simply the subject topic, language immersion uses the target language as a teaching method, simply put as "immersing" students in the target language. Its demerits are that the immersion students "lag behind" their monolingual peers in reading, spelling, and punctuation. Also in this case students acquire an incompetent proficiency in the listening and reading skills.

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