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Recreational Therapy

The focal point of this paper is to examine and evaluate the two articles on Recreational therapy by Ho-Yee Ng, & Daniel T. L. Shek (2001) and Apostolos Stergioulas, Marianna Stergioula, Reidar Aarskog, Rodrigo A. B. Lopes-Martins, and Jan M. Bjordal (2008) on a compare and comparison basis. The first article is Religion and Therapy: Religious Conversion and the Mental Health of Chronic Heroin-Addicted Persons published in Journal of Religion and Health and the second article is Effects of Recreational Therapy and Eccentric Exercises in the Treatment of Athletes With Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy published in Journal of Sports Medicine.

Authors Ho-Yee Ng, & Daniel T. L. Shek concentrate on the issue of Mental Health of Chronic Heroin-Addicted Persons and their treatment through Recreational therapy using religion. The necessity of quit drugs were always there because of the hazards drugs bring about to human health. Unfortunately a large number of people still cling to these hazardous habits knowingly or unknowingly. Numerous programs have till date been undertaken to help drug addicts quit the detrimental habits effectively.

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The range of the word "drug" is huge, but the phrase "drug abuse" is generally centered around the use of some nerve intoxicating agents, which can provide some mental relaxations but ultimately takes a heavy toll on the user. Sometimes the performance enhancing drugs that are generally taken by the sports persons are also called drug. In a survey by United Nations, it has been found out that there are more than 50 million drug users in the World (here the drug addicts use heroine, cocaine and other synthetic mental enhancing drugs). The article uses the aspects of religion to control the issue.

In the second article, researchers led by Apostolos Stergioulas studies the effects of Recreational Therapy in order to treat athletes with Achilles Tendinopathy. The researchers believe that it is utmost necessary that athletic trainers recognize their Recreational Therapy concerns and follow the principles of Recreational Therapy behaviors while practicing athletic training. They should have proper knowledge of their state's athletic training practice acts and explore all the other aspects to make sure that they are following every Recreational Therapy guideline.

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In order to reduce the occurrences of any injury, the athletic trainers should always study the appropriate professional Recreational Therapy codes which are applicable specifically to his or hers employment setting and role played. These Recreational Therapy codes should be constantly reviewed by them so that if there is an occurrence of any ethical concern, then it can be resolved immediately. The athletic trainers also need to learn how to recognize particular situations where Recreational Therapy concern may be present. This requires the trainers to consider their professional and personal relations which may directly influence the athletes or other patients that the trainers are treating.

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The sources of data used for analyses by Ho-Yee Ng, & Daniel T. L. Shek (2001) paper are the first and second waves of the National Survey of Families and Households (NSFH).The first was carried out in 1987-1988 which is referred to as Time 1 and the second was conducted five years later in 1992-1993 referred to as Time 2; A nation wide population of 13,007 adults 19 years old and older was sampled. For the investigation of data in the study, the sample size was reduced to the 5232 interviewees who were married at Time 1 (T1) and were interviewed again at Time 2 (T2).

In all investigations category (1) forms the comparison group. Six pointers of psychological comfort are scrutinized, incorporating three optimistic measures of global happiness, self-esteem, and personal mastery, and three measures of emotional distress, in the form of depression, hostility, and alcohol consumption. All analytical models take account of a series of demographic factors that are linked with marital status and psychological comfort. These incorporate measures of race, sex, education, and interviewee's employment standing.

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The sources of data used for analyses by Apostolos Stergioulas (2008) were based on several interviews on athletes, coaches and medics. To attain favorable conclusion the researchers used quantitative method on 139 athletes, coaches and medics. It can be stated that fundamentally quantitative method was followed. Data collection and analysis is easier if one follows the quantitative method, but errors in measures and quantification can significantly affect the results and inferences. Qualitative method on the other hand is expensive and time consuming. Standardized measuring instruments, and questionnaires with closed questions could be used in qualitative data collection, while questionnaires with open ended questions intended for an in-depth study aid in qualitative data collection.

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Alongside, the study can be termed as descriptive and was backed by correlation approach, so it discussed Pearson R, t-test, analysis of variance(ANOVA). In this manner the independent and dependant variable are clearly defined. However, in any nursing research, reliability, validity and replication are important considerations, and these are as important as the choice of methodology. Consistency and purity of a measure are attributes of reliability, and repeatability or stability is also an important aspect of reliability. Reliability is given higher importance in quantitative research.

The researchers Ho-Yee Ng, & Daniel T. L. Shek (2001) indicate that there are some new therapies like religious counseling, and specialty addiction care. These types of care are provided in small medical facilities and they mostly focus on psychosocial behavioral treatments, rather than resorting to medicines. Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (which mainly focuses on dysfunctional emotions that present in most drug addicted patients) and relapse prevention (another method of controlling obsessive compulsive behavior) are getting popularity among the doctors. A lot of agencies have also developed their own specially designed programs to help the drug abuses, but these methods are not widely recognized still today. So, if one is incapable to quit drugs or smoking, it is recommended that new therapies should be used but with proper care and caution.

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In conclusion, the authors led by Apostolos Stergioulas (2008) shed light on the success of the hypotheses. They also talk about the various challenges that the study faces and how different other factors which are beyond measure may play a role. However, it they argue that the success of a union is evaluated on the degree of joy, pleasure and affirmative feelings it provides to the people in it. These according to the authors are fundamental to the perception of recovery from any physical harm, particularly in case of athletes, and upraise of unconventional unions of mind and body.

In the final analysis, from the evaluation of the two articles that we can say that the treatment of drug abuse or physical trauma like Achilles Tendinopathy are complex subject and it has many different aspects that need to be synchronized to completely cure a patient. Medicines, therapies and most of all a whole hearted effort from the patient, all these aspects together can cure a person completely. Thus, once put together, all these aspects can together cure a patient. Scientists are trying their level best to find medicines that can cure the patients in a short time, and there are hopes that they will be successful one day. However, until the medicines are discovered, drug addicts and patients of Achilles Tendinopathy have to go through the long process to get rid of these deadly addictions or recover from injury and lead a healthy life with Recreational Therapy and balanced medical usage of medicines. Above all, one must be willing enough.

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