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Conflict within an Organization

The organizational conflict has been emerging in this global platform in multifarious ways, the classify case study with regard to causes related to organizational conflict can be studied by evaluating the organizational and market structure of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. has carved a niche market for itself, but the story tracks back to the sate of rags from which Steve Jobs carved out the story of success and riches for Apple Inc. The company was on verge of collapse in early 2000 (Robson, 2011), and was nowhere near any of its competitors due to procedural and internal conflict within the organization. The role of the previous CEOs and their procedural conflict resulting in the Ups and Downs faced by Apple Inc. forced Steve Jobs to take an Innovative stand to carve a niche market for his product. (Cao, J et al. (2008).

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"Conflict is a noticeable disagreement among employees or groups of employees. Depending on the situation, management may need to take different steps to resolve conflict."(Mitchell, 2010). The beauty of success and strength of its soaring market hold in comparison to 2000, the downhill year was ability of Steve Jobs to identify conflict and find ways to resolve those conflicts as true leader and visionary. His objective was to understand the causes for such degrading organizational conflict resolve disagreements between people and bring cohesion between team members.

The conflict was primarily a procedural conflict, which handicapped the functionality of the management. It was task oriented conflict where goals were not understood well and targets were not achieved. This led to disagreements and affected the perception of the company outcomes. The conflict required effective measures taken to resolve task and procedural conflict scenario. The structural conflict was the most apparent problem within the framework. It required understanding and innovative implementation of new strategies. The cognitive aspect of conflict would require willing participation of the organization members in harmony with the goals. This would require that individual consideration be made and historical background be considered. The conflict outcomes were targeted by new strategies, innovative technology and dynamic implementation process backed by massive mobility of the resources to push advertising of the product.

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The response to the conflict needs to consider carefully in terms of structural outcomes, personnel outcomes and management related outcomes which are aligned with the mission of organization. Negotiation and different stages of negotiation is key to implementation of the process which would help resolve conflict. This would empower the organization. This role was played very effectively by Steve Jobs. He successfully targeted the outcomes and strategically aimed for positive result, restructuring the product and carving a niche market for the company. In 2011, Apple Inc. with the launching of iPad 2 has been a sensational company on this earth. Apple Inc. has designed and marketed the most sensational material gadget which would entice the users for years to come. This has empowered Apple Inc.

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