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Internet and Depression

The internet is known to have an indispensable tool for work, education and communication with a lot of opinions expressed, misconception and also some sites containing inaccurate information. Finding information on a given matter of health can be of good use if searched correctly. Ones illness can be known better through the internet and it enables one to collaborate with the doctor to get the best medical care. With the internet being seen as research tool worldwide, it is important for one to evaluate with lots of keen the information collected to ensure it's correct, up to date and originates from a reliable source. Discerning of the information given can be a very important aspect.

Avoid any information of face value. One need to question himself whether the information comes from a reliable website, whether it is linked with a known institution or organization, whether the information is written by health professionals and if they are written by professionals, what are their qualifications, whether there is a reputable editorial board that reviews the information and whether references of their material is part of it and if they are, what about their contact details which you can contact the publisher.

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Second aspect one needs to observe is about the accuracy of the information and whether the information is based on facts or not and if it is based on facts, then one needs to find out whether it uses sound scientific basis for whatever claim that is made but if the information is vice versa, then one needs to conclude that the information is unreliable (, 2010). Disclaimer in the information referring you to the independent medics for advice should also be included

The objective of the information in the internet should also be looked upon. One needs to find out whether the information given is biased, clear and well balanced when it comes to details. Conflict of interest should also be noted, that is whether the author came up with the topic just for commercial purposes because such websites can give negative views about given information. And that's why one needs to find for evidence of the matter being discussed about.

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Currency and timelines of the information should also be verified. The date the information was provided can be of great importance especially when one wants to find out whether the information is up-to-date especially health-wise and when was the last update. The person searching for given information should find out whether the information is aimed at what he or she wants. If it is the health care matters and that is the information you needed, then you are on the right channel. Is the information easy to understand and what its scope is.

Search engines can be of great risk especially when it comes to ones health. Some search engines can displays ones information over the internet. Personal information such as your name, address, phone number, your health problem can be found over the internet without your knowledge and permission. It is easier for one to take advantage of that given information and use the details to your advantage. A part from language, there are other problems associated with doing research on health matters over the internet for instance multiple participation of users in the article can be very confusing and contradicting in giving out given information (Kirk, 1996). Unclear response from the authors of the author can mislead the reader with the health matter.

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Discern can be defined to be a way of evaluating, comparing, analyzing, and synthesizing a given information or comprehending mentally. Good evaluation, observing and thinking critically can be of a great importance because right judgment can be made. Some of the characteristics of the website that increase the likelihood of getting accurate information on health matters are authorship, publishing body, referral to other sources, verifiability, currency, how to distinguish propaganda, misinformation and disinformation.

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