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Media Influence

The world cannot exist without information hence the overall importance of the mass media. On the other hand, the government has the power to create and regulate systems that exists within its environs. The extent of government influence on the media has never been established but the latter tends to operate as a separate entity. However, there are a few regulations that limit the free co-existence between the two parties. According to Biagi, The media is found to have great social and cultural impacts o the society (Biagi, 2006).The media influences public buy in by generating information as a network and publishing the information through communication channels such as articles, videos and photos in turn influencing public interpretation of the information.

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One significant media influence occurrence is regarding the war in Iraq. Previously, the public perception regarding the war in Iraq was that the war would eventually lead to lasting peace in the volatile country. However, the media has influenced this public perception by viewing the economic and humanitarian crisis as a result of the war questioning the effectiveness of the approach of war being the solution to the problems in Iraq. One of the tactics used by the media to influence public pinion according to Lipmann is that the media creates space for diverse political opinions, social cultural viewpoints and active consumer participation (Lippmann, 2007).

According to Howell, the media has always been found to change public opinion regarding many issues in the society today (Howell, 2006).Modern managers are put to task to effectively come up wit effective strategies to deal with the media. The most effective strategy to deal with the media is that managers should not take thing personally whenever they or their organizations are directly criticized by the media. They should take the criticism as a strategy to improve themselves and the organization. Constant conflict with the media only serves to worsen the reputation of the person or organization. Another effective strategy according to Cohen is that managers should allow media and public opinion so as to effectively implement their strategies in management (Cohen, 2008).

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