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Lenore Walker

The challenges that emerge on a daily basis in the society has necessitated the formulation of various theories and models to examine or rather study human behavior in respect to social issues that emerge on a daily basis. In this regard, one of the models that have been formulated in the past is the Cycle of Violence Model by Lenore Walker. This model or rather theory explains two key aspects in violent relationships. To begin with, the theory focuses on the changes that occur in a person who commits family and domestic violence. In addition to this, the theory also focuses on the reasons why a person who faces domestic violence would continue to face violent condition. In reference to Paludi and Denmark (2010), abusive relationships are characterized by a distinct pattern or cycle (250).

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Essentially, the cycle of violence theory argues that domestic violence consists of three stages namely; the tension building phase, the acute battering incident, and the loving contribution phase (Paludi and Denmark 250). The theory affirms that some people go through the complete cycle of domestic violence stages while others do not. Notably, the stages of violence are characterized by an increase in tension, whereby hostile behaviors are portrayed by the batterer. This is followed by violent incidences; verbal, non-verbal and physical abuses. Finally, when peak is attained in the cycle of violence, the perpetrator of violence would exhibit loving characteristics towards the woman who has been battered. This is accompanied by apologies while in some cases the perpetrator may act as if no violent incident ever happened or deny it.

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It is important to note that the cycle of violence model by Lenore Walker has succeeded in the past in explaining how violent behaviors are perpetrated domestically and how this cycle repeats itself over time. However, one of the limitations of this model or rather cycle is the fact that not every woman passes through this cycle. On the contrary, there are a few cases of domestic violence that does not pass through the stages that have been set by the cycle of violence model. Irrespective of this, the theory is still important in examining or rather studying domestic violence in the society.

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