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Birth Control

Birth control is a practice that human beings have been carrying out for a number of years now. Indeed, it has remained a controversial issue since different individuals advocate for different views. In some countries like China, the issue of birth control is so serious that it has necessitated the formulation of appropriate laws to limit the number of children per family. However, not all persons and states feel that the world should adopt birth control measures.

There are various arguments for and against birth control. Those in support of birth control techniques have raised several arguments. First, birth control has been taunted as an effective way of lowering the high population growth rates. With an exponentially increasing human population due to high birth rates, available space and resources have become limited for this large human population. This has accelerated poverty and increased the cost of living, factors that are both fueled by a large population growth. This trend has forced governments in conjunction with health organizations all over the world to embark on campaigns which encourage people to have fewer children. This can only be achieved by adopting birth control methods.

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Secondly, birth control measures, such as condoms, are crucial in eliminating cases of unwanted pregnancies and also serve to prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases. In today’s world, sex before marriage has become an accepted fact. There is therefore a need to sensitize people on protected sex so as to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The outcome of unprotected sex, be it unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, has a negative impact on a person’s life especially teenagers. One may be forced to drop out of school not to mention low self esteem observed in such victims. The use of condoms has been widely encouraged as it helps prevent both.

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Last but not least, there is need to empower the modern woman by giving her control over both her body and life. This is especially so since it is the woman who carries a pregnancy to term and has to further undergo most of the difficulties associated with bringing up a child. By use of contraceptive, a woman has a great impact on the modern family and the society at large as she is able to determine the number of children she wants to have and when to have them. In addition, a woman is always at risk of rape. When such situations occur, the woman may be subjected to psychological torture if she gets pregnant. To avoid such a situation, the use of contraceptives is encouraged.

However, there are various arguments against birth control. Although in today’s world birth control measures have become very common, the church’s stand for both Protestants and Catholics has been against birth control. The church feels that the adoption of birth control measures is immoral and that it deters the course of nature since it is against the birth of children which is the will of God. Their argument gains support from the bible for it is written that God commanded man to multiply, fill the earth and conquer it. With growing social pressure, some Protestant churches have allowed some of the birth control methods though the Catholic Church has remained firm in its stand.

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There is also the argument that the use of birth control contraceptives has encouraged promiscuity. The issue of abstinence and faithfulness has been overlooked. In trying to persuade people to adopt birth control practices, we end up promoting dangerous sexual behaviors. People no longer fear unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. One can comfortably have an affair while still in a relationship. Sex, which is a strong tool for strengthening a relationship, is used as a play thing. This has lead to multiple break-ups in otherwise stable relationships which have been evidenced by the high divorce rates.

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