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How Technology Will Shape Education in the Future

This article seeks to explain the impact of advancement of technology in changing the shape of education in the future. It gives an insight on ways in which technology improves the education system. It analyses the pros and cons of incorporating technology in the education system. This article also gives opinion on the possible effects of technology in the education system. Finally, the article concludes the topic of discussion by giving a view on whether to accept the use of technology or not in the education system.

How technology will impact education

            The technological advancement has certainly changed the way we live. It has significantly affected the education system both positively and negatively. However, its positive effects outweigh the negative effects. Technology has contributed in shaping the education system in the following ways:

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            Firstly, introduction of computers and the internet have increased efficiency in the education system. Students and teachers use computers in conducting their activities. The use of computers has reduced the burden of teachers in passing the education to the students. For example, students can get an assignment through their emails, seeking clarification from their tutors incase of any difficulties, and tutors use computer aids such as graphics to make students grasp difficult concept easily. The use of computer packages such as power point presentation is of great assistance to teachers in the organization of their teaching. However, the introduction of computers in the education system and other institutions is part of the blame for retrenchment of workers (Voogt, 2008).

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            Secondly, the web is another engine that is crucial in enhancement of academic researches. The development of the web has greatly reduced the cost of research. As a result, companies, researchers, and scholars are utilizing this powerful search engine in conducting their researches. Researches conducted using the web is cheap and consumes less time. Students also use the web in doing their assignment and in reading for deep knowledge. The use of the web has created global world, which has become a source of cultural interference. This has led to merging of cultures into one culture leading to loss of cultural identity (Veletsianos, 2010).

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            Thirdly, technology advancement has made it possible to in corporate computer studies as subject in the educational curriculum. This is because the computer is becoming a necessity in the student life and in the education system. Therefore, this aims at making the society computer literate and embraces the potentials of computer services and applications (Law, Yuen, & Fox, 2011).

            Finally, invention of computers has made it possible for introduction of online studies.  Currently, in some countries, especially those developed have introduced online degree and diploma courses. This has improved flexibility of studying as one can do the degree program while at home. In addition, the online degree program has improved in the proper use of resources since it is cost effective in the long-run (Voogt, 2008).

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How technology will shape education in the future

            The education system should fully support the implementation of technology in the curriculum. Technology is an important tool because it improves the efficiency of the education system. This is attributed by the ability of technology of reducing the cost of service delivery, and the ability to reduce the time needed. Therefore, technology should be encouraged in the education system, to enhance the improvement in running of the economy.


            Learning sector should embrace technology, and the required policies should be adopted to allow implementation of technology in the education system. This will allow the education sector to benefit from the positive impact created by technology. However, care must be taken in implementation, to mitigate the negative effects such as retrenchment and other disadvantages that result from adoption of modern technology. 

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