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Written language in a linguistic society is a special or distinct dialect. Writing, therefore, does not merely involve speech transcription but involves use of particular language forms, which may not be given orally. Written language has become part of me since I was in k-6. I consider it a talent as well as an important skill that I have acquired in school. Written language has not only helped me in informal uses such as keeping of diaries, notes writing, keeping of personal records and letter writing but also in academic purposes. I like writing different articles and this has helped enhance my creativity. I have written several articles on different topics, ranging from social to academic topics. Most of my social articles revolve around creative stories, which are mainly fictional. These written works have attracted most of my peers and have used them in improving their writing and reading skills.

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My academic writings include articles of poems, short real live/ history, and speeches. Major topics in these writings include drug and drug abuse, knowledge and wisdom, education, and school curricula. Because all my written works are more educative, I have used them in guiding, mentorship, and counseling. I have used them in mentoring the youth who are actually the main targets of my work. Youths easily fall into drug abuse and some may fail to continue with their education due to addition. I have therefore, used them as motivational resources to my clients. Compared to oral language, written language has helped me reach to a large number of people, many people I have been able to access my articles and have been able to obtain the information that could have been hard to get if I were to deliver it in person.

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Written language is of greater benefit as compared to oral language. In an educational set up, for example, students obtain the written materials and read on their own. This has made different impacts or improvements on the students’ performance. For articles like poems, this improves the knowledge of the learner in terms of concepts in poetry. Such written language also helps in improving the reading skills of learners. Learners get to know more on spelling and, writing formats for different works, including sentence construction. Written language has therefore, made me feel the comfort in effective message delivery. This is seen because the information is written and therefore, message distortion cases are limited if not nonexistent.

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Generally, in my school and leisure life, written language has been of great help to me. In school, for example, writing has greatly improved my literacy and placed me in a better position in class performance. My writing skills have always been good and have made me have outstanding grades that many other students have sought my help. I have also helped them improve their skills by giving them some of my written works.

I also spent my leisure time writing, when I have no other activity to do during my leisure time; I write poems and short stories, I employ almost all styles of writing like rhymes, similes, metaphors, and irony among others. I also write poems dedicated to my friends, with inspirational messages. This has earned me a lot of respect from friends and relatives who get to read my articles.

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I came to learn that writing is not just the common knowledge we learn in class, but it goes beyond that. Writing is a source of comfort for some people, while others may see it as a form of art. While observing how many perceive writing and how they make it appear more of a career than a common activity, I came to conclude that there is something unique about writing. I also developed my views about writing from the lessons that I have gone through, while doing this course. Initially, I have had very little knowledge on how writing can be interpreted into a meaningful phenomenon. With the new knowledge however, I confirmed that writing could be very entertaining if used positively.

For me writing is a skill. Even though there is the skills, which we obtain in school, I feel that there needs to be some skills that is in-born. Everyone can write, but not everyone can be a professional writer. I hold my views of writing to being creative and apt. for instance, while at work, there are often much handwork, which are kept in the office. The computer cannot keep every bit of information, and therefore in many cases, I am compelled to do some writing. One occasion which requires writing, is when there is a meeting and minutes have to be taken. I have, in many instances acted in the capacity of a secretary and I often take minutes, which I later convert into soft copy. Writing, for me, is not only confined to school or our areas of work, but it is done everywhere. We cannot trust our memory well and we therefore, need to be able to record some information in writing so as to keep it for future reference. I hold a strong belief that I am good in writing, especially freelance and freehand writing, a phenomenon, which may see me becoming a journalist or a freelance writer.

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