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Why Crimes are Considered Injurious to Society or the Community

Describe how community correction used to take place in the ancient times.

Originally, societies were simple, and they used to be tribal. Members of a society were initially held together through kinship and religious rituals. They believed in the same immortal beings, and they shared the same believes. Therefore, even though legislature and courts did not exist, a blend of morality, custom, magic, and religion used to guide members of a society. The visible power used to be a ruler or a chief, but the ultimate powers were believed to originate from gods (Baker et al, 1993). They revealed the will of gods, and natural occurrences were taken to be the manifestation of the powers of the gods. It is the priests or the tribal heads who expressed the will of god. The vices against a society included a vice such as breach of the tribal customs. The community correctional methods included group sanctions and invocation of the wrath of god. Group sanctions included hostility and ridicule towards the offenders. The earlier societies believed that the gods were loved the ritualistic ceremonies that ended in the sacrifice and expulsion of the offenders. The communities allowed the victims family to avenge the wrongs that were committed against individuals such as theft, murder, adultery, or rape (Baker et al, 1993). All kinds of revenge had their bases on the tribal customs, and it is these customs that formed the main component of the earlier law.

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Why crimes are considered injurious to society or the community?

Crime is the omission of an act or its commission I a way that violates the law. Crime is considered as an unlawful act, or the intention to commit that act. Crimes are considered deleterious to the society because the law breaker takes an undue advantage which harms their victims in one way or the other. This disturbs peace and stability in the society which makes its advancement and service delivery unmanageable (Bates, 1995). Crime disorients a society in a manner that makes it concentrate on non-beneficial issues which slows its advancement. Commission of crimes disorients the children and makes them aspire to act in such a manner as it makes them notable. The children therefore fail to concentrate on activities that would give them a blighter future and advance the society. This makes people lose as individual, and as a society. Criminals make a society to engage immerse resources in managing it instead of facilitating the well being of the law abiding citizens. For example, a lot of resources are consumed in constructing correctional facilities instead of progressing facilities such as schools which would ensure that the children’s future is secured. In this regard, it is clear that the lower the crime rate, the higher is the advancement.

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