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What is Thin Slicing

According to (Tisdell, 44), thin-slicing means making very quick decisions without enough amounts of information. This term has in most instances been used in the discussion of Malcolm Gladwell's 2005 non-fiction book Blink, which provides the analysis to the concept of "thinking without thinking." One example of thin-slicing is the Dr. Phil television program and we can see that at the onset of the program, people praised Dr. Phil's capability of cutting through the "bull" and getting individuals through to their foremost issues. Nonetheless, various people believed in his thin-slicing by considering it disadvantageous to therapy in general by arguing that therapy takes more than an hour appearance on television show in order to aid change destructive behavior.

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What are the steps in rational choice decision making?

Some of the steps in rational choice decision making include: identification of the criteria to be employed after defining the problem, weighing the criteria so as to give them correct priority in the decision making, then follows the generation of alternatives that can successfully resolve the problem and finally, evaluating the alternative of each criterion (Tisdell, 294).

What are bounded rationality and Satisficing?

Bounded rationality is those properties of an agent that behaves in a way that is nearly optimal with reverence to its purposes as its resources will permit. On the other hand, satisficing is an alternative to optimization for cases where there are multiple and competitive objectives in which an individual gives up the idea of obtaining a "best" solution. For example, in this approach one sets lower bounds for the diverse objectives that, if attained, will be "good enough" and then looks for a answer that will surpass these bounds (Tisdell, 197).

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What is the difference between direct and indirect taxes?

Direct taxation is referred to as taxes that are directly levied on the citizens of a given country. These kinds of taxes are paid directly to the government on regular basis and they are calculated on every source of income that accrues to the business of individual. Conversely, citizens are also charged some levies indirectly known as indirect taxes, also referred to as tax payable on activity or commodity and examples of such taxes include sales tax and excise tax.    

What is the difference between progressive and regressive taxes?

A progressive tax is tax that takes a larger percentage of income from taxpayers as their proceeds increases and an example is the federal income tax. Conversely, regressive tax is the exact opposite whereby higher-income taxpayers pay a smaller percentage of their income than lower-income taxpayers since the tax is not based on ability to pay and an example is state sales tax, whereby everyone pays tax regardless of income (Tisdell, 309). 

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What is Proposition 13 and why is it significant?

Proposition 13 is the renowned tax constraint program passed in California in 1978, and its significance is that it launched a nationwide tax revolution and also laid the structural basis for Californian's abiding budget tribulations. Many refer to it as the "third rail" of California politics, and belief in Proposition 13 has become a core political value for imperative segments of the California electorate (Tisdell, 334).

Define administrative law.

Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government and government organization action can include rulemaking, intercession, or the enforcement of a precise authoritarian agenda.

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