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The Toulmin Model

The Tuolmin model has been used over the years to analyze arguments. It asserts that an argument can be broken down into six parts; the claim, grounds, warrant, backing, rebuttal and qualification. The claim is the position that is being argued for by the party involved. The Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is a ban that was imposed on all men and women serving in the United States Military. This was done so in a bid to resolve the conflict about the homosexuals serving in the military being dismissed because of their sexuality.

The grounds in the Toulmin model are the reasons that have been put forth or the evidence that support the claim made in an argument. In supporting the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, the Military argued that the issue about sexuality was bringing divisions in the camps. Some of the soldiers did not feel comfortable around the homosexuals and this led to lack of concentrations at the trainings. Thus, to end this conflict in a gentleman's way, everyone was given a key to their job security; discretion.

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The Warrant stands for the principles that connect the ground to the claim. The laying off of the soldiers because of their sexuality was not an ethical thing to do. It was discriminatory and this was ruining the image of the military as an open body that does not discriminate. Thus, the steps taken by applying the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy were important in resolving this.

The Backing is what provides the reasons for justification or supporting the warrant. By putting in place this policy, the United States military found a good solution to their problem. The soldiers were not to come in the open about their sexuality or ask about other soldiers' sexuality. This meant that whoever was found doing so would immediately be laid off. This step was important as it helped maintain discretion and stop the conflicts that were arising.

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The rebuttal in the Toulmin model refers to the exceptions of the claim. Despite the laws that the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy held in terms of consequences of stating one's sexuality, there were exceptions. Some of the soldiers used this as a quick getaway to exit the military with their heads held high. The United States Military thus conducted investigations on some of the suspicious claims and revelations by the soldiers. Not all of them were granted an honorable exit. Those found to be making false statements were thrown out of the camps without their monetary benefits.

The qualifier in the Toulmin model states the limits to which the claim can be taken. The Don't Ask Don't Tell policy has definitely had a major impact in resolving the conflicts in the United States military. This policy has created a sense of discipline and respect, for others as well as oneself. As a result, the soldiers can now focus better on their training as well as missions at these camps.

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