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Value of Liberal Arts

Almost every institution in America boats of offering training in "liberal arts." This essay explains why many colleges do not or have not yet deciphered the meaning of liberal arts and the values that are attached to them. Liberal arts as a discipline originated in the Ancient Roman Civilization during the times of Cicero (Mooney). They were known as "liberal" arts because in them, a person was free and in their pursuit, one was supposed to be freer.

Many colleges offer training that is shallow and technically focused. They are yet to master that the conventional workplace where technical skills are applied for economic benefits has become more dynamic than ever. People are doing jobs that have not yet been invented and thus the average college student needs a critically developed faculty that is necessary in the search of wisdom and virtue (Mooney). The students do not have basic trivium training: grammar, logic, and rhetoric will be relegated to the technical jobs. These basics of liberal arts sharpen the analytical skills, communication and writing skills of a student, which are fundamentals of leadership jobs. Without these disciplines, many qualified engineers, doctors will not be able to make understand cases, argue logically before making final judgments. This is the true value of liberal arts because they help in decision-making based on those three spheres.

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This is why current and future college education should not focus on providing amateur studies in liberal arts. They have to design a curriculum that lets students expose their reasoning in it, get free to gain mental discipline and in so doing, attain the truest understand the universe and human beings. Any institution that does this would have had offered the real value of liberal arts and this is what is necessary for the preparation of students for jobs in the dynamic 21st century.

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