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Concept of Intelligence Success

Success is the process of having programs that are well managed from the standpoint of operations, which has no compromise, without tradecraft of errors, with or without the policy goals being achieved. It has been viewed as an outcome successful only after looking at long term results after some years. For instance, the Guatemala and Iran programs, seemed successful at first, but many viewed it much different twenty years later. Some wonders if loss human life under the program needs to be looked upon as a measure of success and cease from placing limits of time on the evaluation. This is because, Guatemala absolute successes no matter the happenings in the next thirty years.

The intelligence has been the most significant impact in the world from 1945; however, there is no evidence, without it the conflicts of 1940s and 1950s never influenced those that followed latter. These inhabitants who become entangled with the programs of CIA exposed themselves thusly, to their enemies and because of it; they really suffered after the departure of the Americans. Most of the CIA operations lead to the coming up of political parties and elites in the whole world. When CIA operations are to be considered political actions programs, there is no other way of knowing what the situations could have been without the coming in of the American CIA. For instance, the Italian democracy would have been undermined by the communist's subversion if the CIA program would not have intervened. This was prevented, when the CIA and the Italia Mafia gave non-communists a victory of large margin. The program did not only save the Italian democracy, but for Europe as a whole, which had large parties of communists like in France.

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By considering the case of American CIA operations intervention in Iran, there would have been severe internally unrest under Mossadegh, as a consequence of Britain's oil boycott, against Iran's policy of inviting the intervention of Soviet, in the politics of Iran. This was done by the reoccupation of Iranian territory, which the Soviet Union desired desperately. According to the policy that was signed by Truman, the invasion of Soviet Union, would lead to war. If the CIA interventions were not there, it would have led to war, and the consequences would have been worse in the region. With the help of CIA, U.S was able to check Soviet Strategic Missile force development, and then the validation of Soviet compliance with arms limitations later. CIA was much successfully used by President Kennedy during the missile crisis during Cuba invasion. In addition, it saved the condition during president Nixon discussions with the Soviet Union on strategic Arms Limitation treaty. All these two conditions were saved because intelligence sites and information that was derived from them existed.

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On the other hand, CIA cited Guatemala and Iranian operations as a success, yet in real sense, they just skirted failure during their operations. It has been argued that, such operations actually led to dictatorship other than democracy as claimed. The actions of covert in support of a coup Vs Sukarm, in Indonesia were a failure, this is because, and the CIA aircraft just produced civilian collateral damages. The clear reason for OPSEC and deniability made the use of CIA more circumspect. In addition, in the death of Stalin in Berlin crisis, at the time the Russians were loosening control in Europe. The CIA was not able to predict the level of internal unrest and reasons to the USSR armored divisions moving into Germany. There were early serious shortcomings in the CIA that were focused on the USSR. There were few and poor quality, on top of limited collections among other shortcomings, which led to the opening of Moscow station, with the aim of expanding collections. However, American inexperience in counterintelligence led to many examples of US personnel succumbing to seduction.

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In conclusion, the concept of intelligence has failed if the scope of the argument is limited to small liberation wars and conflicts of similar sizes. It is much difficult to make such a statement when political action programs are to be looked into, depending on what program and its effect.

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