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B&W and Colored Photography


Photography refers to an act of creating still images through the process of recording radiation on the medium or the material that is radiation sensitive such as electronic-image sensors, or the photographic films. The person who does the job of photography is called a photographer. The photography as it is today came to be known through a lecture in royal-society-of London known as John Herschel in 1939. Since the discovery of photography, its popularity has grown to large extents. Thus it has won the hearts of the artists and the scientists since it was discovered. Scientists for instance, have used photography to record the movement of people and animals for example Eadweard Muybridge used photography in 1887 to record and study the movement of animals and people.

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Today the use of the photography has gained momentum with its use for instance photography is used  in military and in the police force for surveillance and capture images that are stored in their system to be retrieved in future for references. Photography is used today also to capture images for moments a person would like to remember. Thus the photographs help to preserve memories of events such as funerals, weddings, birthday parties among others. In the modern times, thanks to the advancement of technology, photographs can be sent through the emails to pass information to a person at far places and thus they are used as a tool of communications. Photography can also be a source of entertainment to the people as people would review them for pleasure. People have also derived their professions from photography for instance they are those who do job in photo journalism which entails capturing images to be included in the newspaper or in magazines so that people can get information or make information more interesting. The photography is worth a "thousand word" since it is known that the photography can bring out some information that is not possible to be brought out through the normal "eye" of just through an ordinary observation.

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There are various types of photography which are classified according from what the information the photography passes or the function of the photography is meant to play. The nature of the photography according to the color of the photography also helps as a criterion of bringing out the differences of the photography for example the black and white photograph and the colored photography. It should be noted that the most amazing or spectacular photograph is not taken be the most equipment but it calls for expertise and the skills in taking photograph in order to bring  out the superior quality of the photograph. There are various types of photography that include fashion photography, glamour photography, advertising photography, fine art photography, nature photography, architectural photography, Digital photography, colored photography and black and white photography.

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The paper aims at bringing out the differences between the black and white photography and color photography. Although with time the popularity of the black and white photographs is diminishing, the photographers are also aware of the potential the black and white photographs have over colored photographs. Issue of the color in the photography is determined by the medium in which the photographs are printing. The popularity of the black and white photography is diminishing due to the invention of the colored photography but there are other instances where the black and white photography has to be used.

Similarities between black and white photography and the colored photography

Both black and white and the colored photography use the same technology and also they are found on similar principles. Both the black and white photography and colored photography are the representation of reality on the surface which mostly is referred to us as a two dimension surface. Both type of photography are images that represent the real images.

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Both the black and white photography and the colored photography are constructed using the same principles. In both Photography; black and white photography and the colored photography still images are created through the process of recording radiation on the medium or the material that is radiation sensitive such as electronic-image sensors, or the photographic films. What distinguishes both photographs is the color of the images of photographs.  Colored photographs have colored images while the black and white photographs have black images formed. Although there are differences in the color of the images formed, the principles of the photographs are the same.

The similarities between the both photographs that is the black and white and the colored photograph are in their use. As it has being discussed earlier, photographs have different uses that include entertainment where the photographs are taken purely for leisure. In the same breath, both photographs are used by military and the police to enhance the natural security of the country; the photographs are taken to increase surveillance and also put the scenes on record for further investigations or produced in the court of law as evidence. Both the black and white photographs and the colored photography are also used to remind somebody of an event where one would like to remember in future for instance a funeral, wedding or even birth day party.

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The uses are similar what has change is the color of photography thanks to the technology that has seen the development of photography from black and white to colored. The photographs are also used by journalist to create particular news that they would want to pass to their audience.  People who are employed in the media to deal with the photography are referred to as photojournalists. Visual information stays for long period of times in the mind of the audiences compared to the verbal information. In 1930, for instance, the photographs of the two black men who were lynched due to the allegations that they had raped a white girl were distributed in United States to serve as warning to black men who had similar intentions and also show race superiority of white as compared to the black.

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In another wavelength, the technology described heretofore is known to underpin the concept of affordability and cost. Basically, imposing an array of colors to have a colored photo is to definitely warrant higher costs, due to the fact that the same exercise will entail the use of orange masks and the dye coupler layers. To underscore the gravity of this reality, is the fact that although most of the world's newspapers use a mixture of color images and also monochromes, while others fully use monochrome backgrounds, yet, there are no print media houses that use an entire mixture of color images. This is mostly due to the cost that is likely to be incurred: colored backgrounds and pictures are more expensive, compared to the black and white pictures which only entail the use of black and white film, and not orange masks and the dye coupler layers.  Since black and white news stories are able still convey the message it is supposed to be sending while saving publication money during printing underscores the viability of the use of black and white photography. Nevertheless, because of the fact that red catches the human eye readily and constantly, confirms the reason as to why advertising resorts mostly to the use of colored photography and background since the same readily elicit attention to the image.

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This above development underscores the complex twist between black and white photography and its colored counterpart as not only boiling over into the need to conserve an organization's or an individual's financial resources, but also, the need to strategize the best way to capture the market's attention by using color as a strategic advertising tool. Therefore, it is apparent that the need to use black and white or colored photography may be underpinned by an array of principles ranging from accuracy; the need to instill a sense of timelessness; the need to assuage the incurring of high costs; reaching the needed marketing target by using color; clarity; to the need to ensure artistry and aesthetic value.

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