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Racism and Oppression in United States


Racism and oppression in United States of America have persisted for along time. Those who are not white have been experiencing some kind of ethnic discrimination even though their loved ones have lived and died in United States of America, the country they consider their home. The discriminated people in United states have lived in this country to the extending of knowing and practicing the traditions and values of this nation.

Discrimination in United States

The common Patriarchal and racist culture in America cannot make any outsider to feel at home when living in this country. In America, if any outsider criticizes their system, the person will be asked to go back to his or her country if he or she is not comfortable with American system. Outsiders are always discriminated even during the job interview.

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There are always two different lines for individuals who are looking for employment. One line is for black and brown individuals while the other line is for white people. White people are always interviewed for better jobs than that for brown and black people. In America if you are not a white person, it is not easy to stay because it is full of violence, oppression, wars and injustices.

Negative stereo typing of Arabs American

In America Arabs are always portrayed as bad people.  In Many books published in this country, hard core criminals are always displayed as Arabs.  In the book, the shabby sheik, the book that is normally published for children consumption, the hardened Australian criminal is portrayed as an Arab. The book reveals an Australian in Arab clothing, riding a camel and disturbing other people. The book, shabby sheik, is not good for children consumption since when any kid read this book they will immediately develop negative attitudes towards their fellow Arabs and American Arabs. The kids are still too young to understand that propaganda do exists. Therefore if given this kind of book to read, they will find themselves discriminating the Arabs and American Arabs since they will be viewing them as bad people.

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The teachings about Arabs to children are not pleasing individuals. Arabs are portrayed as people who do not like foreigners, people who are lazy and people who do not care about their wives. Ms. Kay explains that Arab teenagers are not expected to have fun instead they are supposed to assist their mothers and fathers with their work. She further explains that in some parts of Arabia if a girl thought to have misbehaved, her brother might kill her and the neighbours will congratulate him for performing such a duty. Children in America are taught that Arab parents are always happy when a boy child is born than for a baby girl.

American children do not receive bad images about Arabs in schools and books alone. They also receive these bad images from games, TV, motion pictures and the comics. In many movies and comics Arabs are displayed as a threat to American heroes. In public television's program that is meant for educating children, normally exploits Arabs image. In the television program, an actor who has been animated as an Arabian appears to have bad behavior. He normally alters the spelling of words, causes trouble and creates a mess. This always makes American children to hate this actor and Arabs in general.        

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In all the stories there is similarity. The stories tend to talk about discrimination in America. They try to explain how the white Americans discriminate outsiders, Arabs American included on issues such as jobs. They also show how Arab Americans are discriminated in terms of their behavior. Most dreadful behaviors are attributed to Arabs, making the American children to hate Arabs, thus causing the children to discriminate on them.

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