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Cultural Diversity

Among the many cultures in the United States is the Asian American culture (Shearer, 2008). This culture constitutes those people living within the United States but whose ancestral regions being Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent, and the Far East. Asian American culture is very diverse from the perspective of countries of origin, the immigration history, variety of languages and dialects, religions, socioeconomic status, and the acculturation. The largest groups of immigrants that now constitute the Asian American population include the Chinese, Asian Indian, Japanese, Korea, Filipinos, and Vietnamese (Shearer, 2008). These groups of immigrants made their way to the United States so as to invest in the economy of the United States, to escape persecution and war as refugees, and to join their families which migrated earlier. The Asian American culture is characterized by hard working individuals, family solidarity, placing high value to education, encouraging good discipline among the constituent individuals, and not allowing for hostile disagreement among the members and with other cultures. Asian American Culture is heterogeneous in nature because of varied regions and languages. These religions include Catholicism, Daoism, Muslim, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others (Lee et al., 2005).

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As compared to Western Culture, Asian American Culture centers less on individual but on family as a whole (Hulsether, 2007). It is considered that an individual's achievement or behavior affects entire family and therefore, each and every individual is considered important and their ideas as well as contributions should be taken into account for the success of the family. This culture encourages high and strong respect toward authority figures depending on age and social class. Older members are given more respects because they are perceived to be more knowledgeable and skilful as far as traditions are concerned. A social class comprised of people with the same socioeconomic status, such that individuals are ranked differently within societies depending on the socioeconomic status. According to Hulsether (2007), abnormal behaviors are seen as a bad omen within families. An individual with a kind of mental illness is perceived as possessing a bad gene and therefore such individuals together with their families are highly stigmatized. Asian American Cultures considers father as a family breadwinner and that he is supposed work at some distance from the family, whereas the mother is considered to be in charge of the property and chores within the family, such as taking care of the children and elders as well as ensure clean environment within the homestead. Children are required to center on getting high performance and achievement in every aspect and should be competitive (Lee et al., 2005).

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According to Shearer (2008), the Asian American Culture maintains harmony by discouraging any conflict, putting more emphasis on harmonized social relationship, and promoting positive behaviors that promote harmony as well as agreeable conditions. The earlier immigrants' first generation tends to preserve their traditional culture. The later generations, particularly the Asian Americans who are the natives of the United States tend to lose the traditional culture. Therefore a culture conflict arises between these generations. Asian Americans consider both verbal and non-verbal communications very important, such that eye contact is seen as showing respect, paying attention, and caring about the speaker. Use of titles instead of direct names is encouraged, for instance Doctor, professor, Madam, and many other titles. Open mindedness is encourage because individuals are expected to understand the world and be creative enough to sustain their families (Hulsether, 2007).

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The criminal justice professionals can successful deal with crimes within different cultures if discrimination and racism are not to be valued (Nations, 2007). All individuals from different cultures in the world should be treated equally irrespective of skin color and language. Cultural diversity is considered very important because it promotes building up of competitive advantage. Individuals from different cultures compete economically and academically. Beneficial customary practices can be borrowed between cultures hence benefiting from one another (Tierney, 2007).

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