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Partition of India


Pakistan and India were a united state according to research and history. Following the implementation of partition they split into two countries. India attained its independence from British back in the year nineteen forty seven. British India partition occurred the same year hence resulting to formation of Pakistan and India as two separate and independent states. The two countries were therefore established on the foundation of religious conviction (Malik 56). With connection, this study paper therefore illustrates the formation of today Pakistan and India which occurred after the British departure from India. Further, the study paper precisely supports the fact that British India partition was necessary and had importance has it happened. It goes to an extent of explaining the major factors responsible for the British India partition. Generally, this study paper forms basics of learning and understanding historical events, inclusive of their negative and positive effects to the modern day societies and the global community (Norton 45).

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The Partitioning process                      

The partition of British India had to happen despite the inevitable issues which were resultant and associated with the same. This factor can be viewed in different aspects in order to bring the understanding of why the partition occurred. To start with, the partition paved freedom for India and other neighboring nations. The occurrence of the partition is the reason behind major development between the two nations since it created way for liberty which is essential key issue for nation development and growth. This proves that, if it wasn't for partition, these nations could be lagging behind in development. Secondly, partition had to happen in order to give birth to separate native soil for Muslims and Hindu over the globe (Hagerty 64). This was following the fact that, the two religions were against each other and therefore couldn't live together in peace. This meant that, in order to safeguard the lives of the innocent and weak, partition had to happen with immediate effect. Although the partitioning forms history of migrations which led to shedding of blood, it had to happen in order to define and stop the resolution of conflict which had been happening before amongst spiritual and civilization extremists (Malik 63).

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Major factors contributing to the Partition

The fact that partition happened following the above mentioned points, there are other important factors which further contributed mostly to the British India partition. These factors are discussed in accordance to the real events which occurred during that time. To start with, the colonial masters of India had adopted the slogan of split and rule for the administration of their state. The British had realized the acquaintance of Indians was particularly based on their religious beliefs. In addition to this, they had realized their differences hence they used the same as the centre of weakness from where they could intervene, separate and rule easily. The policy of split and rule which the British used against the Indians was intended for the purpose of partitioning the state which happened as they had arranged (Norton 58).       

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The Muslims had ruled over the Indians a couple of years before the British administration in their state. This meant that, the British had to adopt tricky measures which could make them dominate rule and partition India irrespective of the Muslims who had already established their colony over the Indians. Another factor contributing to the partition was the existing revivalist among the Hindus (Hagerty 76). This resulted to creating a gap between the two nations thus speeding the need for partition process to take place. The Hindu had developed enmity with the Muslims. This was based on the fact that they had ruled and domineered over the Indians which the Hindus didn't like. The Hindus further wanted to make some religion changes from the existing ones and make their religion serve as the official. They wanted their religion to be respected and given authority over others. In relation to this the disagreement which occurred following religion disparity and tribalism meant that partition had to happen in order to free them from their existing religious differences.

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Wrong policy adoption by the congress was also contributing factor to the partition. Implementation of such wrong policies increased negative attitude indirectly (Malik 78). This was through assuring the confederation that it was not viable to survive in complete state after attaining their rule and freedom from their colonial masters. An example of a policy which had misguiding ideas was the one for the institution. This policy was based on a national hymn which articulated emotions for anti Muslims commonly in the Indian schools hence children from the Muslim society were forced to sing it.

The consequences of the congress led to power gain by the Muslims hence contributing to the partitioning of the state. Following the policy of the congress in prohibiting any form of hold up from the colonial masters throughout the period of the wars led to weakening of some sections hence been domineered by the rest. This meant that any support which would pave way to freedom among such sections would be adopted. There were ideological separation between the Hindus and Muslims living in India (Cyril 53). This formed another backbone factor contributing to the partition. This ideological disparity was commonly based on spiritual issues among the society. For instance, some argued on the concept that, personality of Islam was supposed to embark on mutual Muslim culture. In addition to these, there were the reminiscences of authority over the Indians that the Muslims counted on.

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The combination of such memories especially among the Muslims made them not to admit the burden of imperial control and civilization. This, they achieved through the refusal to relate with the colonial masters in addition to learning English. Increased patriotic actions in India were on rise especially during the end of the ninetieth century (Cyril 79). This reason contributed greatly in the growth of partition in India. Patriotism in India had advanced. This emerged following the introduction of policies by colonial masters. Such policies encompassed the education and improvement in network system as general. Unfortunately, following the British tactlessness to the natives of India developed disenchantment with the Indians thus calling for colonial rule which was becoming compulsory and predictable.

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The declaration of split and suspend. This slogan was used and put into practice by the Muslim society following Indians decision. The Indians during that time were organizing their public Congress which was meant towards sending the colonial rulers from India. Following the two coincidence divide and quit resolutions, marked the inevitable birth of independent Muslim state in the globe, hence the three participants involved were responsible for the same (Norton 79).


From the above study, it is evident that the piece of writing looks for paving understanding on the role some past actions contributed in presenting authority to the affairs of state and public aggression. Therefore, the core anxiety of the study revolves around the embellishment of governance system which accommodates social political factors (Jeff 89). The study from the above scenario forms a backbone and mirror from where the past can be learnt and understood. The partition which occurred forms the basics from where the two nations gained freedom. Freedom and independence does not come automatically, hence in achieving such things there are always uprising differences, conflicts and also war among the participants in order to attain the set goals and objectives concerning their freedom. The study above is representative of other nations which bared same problems and finally gained their freedom (Malik 93). The partition of India symbolizes the government of uniqueness, hence when demoralizing of conviction takes control ends up resulting to terror and lack of confidence thus developing fear at diverse levels of the state and community. In the long run, this results to the formation of political and social system which is pathological.

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