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1. Discuss the trait that enabled Henry Ford to become the greatest industrialist of the early twentieth century.

Henry ford was an American industrialist who was credited by many people with his investment in automobile industry. He was the founder of Ford Motor Company. One of the characteristics that made henrys ford to become a greatest industrialist is being ambitious. Relative to other artists of the twentieth century, Henry Ford was being driven by the desire to pursue his personal interests in engineering with the aim of creating something that was practically significant in people's lives. He had ambitions of going beyond any level at given circumstance and. For instance, he did not stop his ambition when he founded the ford motor company, he engaged himself in improving the car production in the company and he was continuously driven by the appeal and usefulness of his cars for the whole public to improve his business to higher levels (Paper Masters).

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2. What techniques did Henry ford incorporate to turn his small auto mobile?

Firstly, Henry ford built his industry using the standardized parts and conveyors. This enhanced the industry to build cars faster an advancement that ma de ford to market to the people. Ford ensured that his industry had all the requirements that were necessary in the manufacture of vehicles such as the steel mill and assembly line. Secondly, he used his strong conflicting personality to manage the company whereby he employed the stubborn management style. For instance, he did not join the united automobile workers and he also ensured that his employees did the same. In this case he enlisted the services of the company police to check on his employees. He also doubled the employees' wages to increase productivity and gain their loyalty. Finally, he cut the working hours from nine to eight hours in a day to enhance three shifts in a day and continued with his inventions. For ex ample, he invented a plastic bodied vehicle and the v-8 ford which was a one piece engine (

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3. Explore young mark twain's transformation from a proslavery southerner to a staunch unionist. How did Twain view CIVIL WAR?

Mark twain viewed the civil war as an act that had negative in the society. He said, "the war uprooted institutions that were centuries old... transformed the social life of half the country, and wrought so profoundly upon the entire national character that the influence cannot be measured short of two or three generations." He also likened the war to a cat, "I was a soldier two weeks once in the beginning of the war, and was hunted like a rat the whole time....." (Lombardi E.)

4. How the happy, carefree, and optimistic image of twain does's writing square with reality of his literary life?

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Mark twain's writing style was based on realistic American speech and it gave other writers an appreciation of their voice. He used realism as a way of speaking the truth and discloses the past conventions. Mark twain grew up in an environment surrounded by hangings, lynch mobs, racism and severe oppression of the African Americans. He despised the slavery injustice and violence. When he acted as a vice president of the American anti-imperialist league, he was always opposed to the vivisection. Therefore, mark twain used his writing work to portray the absurdity of the humankind (

5. Why Richard Nixon's election to the presidency in 1968 was considered a political miracle?

In the year 1962 and 1964, Richard Nixon was defeated when he contested for the post of the governor of California. In 1968, the people heard his name as an opponent of Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and they said that he won't succeed. In June 1968, Robert keened, the front democrat runner died and Richard Nixon got a chance and won against Humphrey Hubert. He then won the election by a small margin and it was a miracle that was enhanced by the assassinations of martin Luther king and the failure of the past Johnson's administration.

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6. Discuss Nixon's strategy for ending the war in Vietnam. How successful was it?

In ending the war in Vietnam, Richard Nixon had a strategy that is composed of following four components. The politics of polarization was used where through which the administration would appeal to the silent majority and try to isolate the opponents and paint them as extreme. This was possible because Nixon had many political opportunities due decline of democratic coalition. Secondly, the strategy consisted of vietnamization which was to reduce the number of troops and the American causality rates in Vietnam. Nixon assumed that Vietnam would assume the combat role and finally eliminate the need for the Americans and the main aim of this component was to convince people that the Vietnam army could handle the war independently. The third component was triangular diplomacy where Richard Nixon pursued geopolitical approach to the situation. Here, Nixon discovered that USSR and the people's republic of china had an interest in easing the tensions of cold war and e pressed that they assist the US in pressurizing Vietnam to stop the war. Finally, the madman scenario was used which enhanced the negotiations with the North Vietnam. In this component, Henry Kissinger emphasized the volatility of Richard Nixon at his meetings with the people of North Vietnam. In addition to this, Kissinger could warn the Vietnamese of the unpredictability of Richard Nixon that he could fly into a rage in response to the Vietnamese military action (The war in Vietnam, 1969-1973).

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7. In what ways did Eleanor Roosevelt's childhood propel her into a career of public service?

After realizing that living with her grandmother was confining, she started attending Allenswood academy in London. Under Mademoiselle Marie contributed in shaping social development. While in the academy, she developed friendships with the classmates and spent her time travelling through which she gained a lot of confidence. Eleanor continued to follow what she was instilled in her by Mademoiselle Marie. While young, her family encouraged her to participate in social responsibilities and she joined the National Consumers Settlement Movements and also volunteered to teach in the college settlement (Anna Eleanor Roosevelt).

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8. Eleanor Roosevelt's popularity as first lady grew steadily. Discuss the unusual relationship between Eleanor and Franklin with regard to the presidency during depression and war.

Franklin Roosevelt served as a president in the days of depression and he shared with Eleanor with who they had an extra ordinary marriage. Franklin had a relationship with Eleanor's secretary, Lucy Roosevelt and this relationship dealt a damaging to the marriage. All the aspects of the marriage of Franklin and Eleanor seemed to be complicated. For example, Eleanor was annoyed when she found Lucy's love letters and when she discovered that Lucy was among the people with Franklin in Georgia when he was sick. Also, Franklin paid a lot of attention to the female visitors. Finally, Eleanor came to understand that the Franklin relationships with women paralyzed his public responsibilities (Paolino, C.).

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