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Emergent Trends


There have been emergent trends that have been recorded over the past few years in the information technology sector. These emergent trends have contributed a lot to the betterment of services that the information technology offers to people in the entire world. They have brought with them both advantages and disadvantages. The information technology field is a very wide area and encompasses many things and aspects in it. Some of the examples that emergent trends have produced are robotics that includes the field and industrial, expert systems and virtual reality.

This paper explores two areas of emergent trends more specifically expert systems and visual reality, what they are all about, how they impact us socially and examples of each one of them.

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Expert systems are tools that are computerized and made specifically to enhance the quality and knowledge availability that is required by all decision makers in industries. They comprise of databases word processors and spreadsheet examination. They are different from conventional applications in several ways. It is actually a computer application that does the work that would otherwise be performed by a human being. Another term used to refer to expert systems is artificial intelligence. The primary goal of expert system research is to ease the work of decision makers in whatever industries they are in (Leondes, 2002).

An expert system simplifies the process taken to create a knowledge base. Its shell processes information that is entered by a user and relates it to the information that is present at the knowledge base, assesses and gives the answer to a particular problem.  It provides a layer that works between user interface and the operating system contained in the computer to control input and output data functions. It manipulates information offered by the user together with the knowledge base and come up with a conclusion.  Its structure is the same with that of an interpreter and a front end to a database program.  The shell manages the user interface. It performs functions such as validating numerals entered on the keyboard; it manages the mouse and represents graphical objects (Tyler, 2007).

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Knowledge of the database forms the backbone of the expert system. They provide the connections that exist between concepts and probabilities attributed to statistics which make it possible for the reasoning part of the computer to accurately evaluate the potential problem.

The user interface supply information in various forms for instance pop-up menus and actual graphical objects. The operating system is very important in the functioning of an expert system. It provides the capability of a computer machine to perform expert system function. This includes management of files, management of the memory, support of the user interface and other interfaces.  The expert system enhances judgment to replace human judgment and possible areas.

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Expert systems have impacted the world socially. Through expert systems, industries have been able to produce more products that are consumed by the society. This has been enabled because the time that would have been wasted looking for decisions are made quickly and easily enhancing human growth.

Expert systems have led to negligence and malpractice in the legal and medical fields. A doctor may at based on the misinterpretation of an expert system and cause more problems even death. It has also been blamed for rendering people jobless because it replaces people in job fields degrading human conditions (Allan, 2010).

Virtual reality is an environment that is artificial and is created with software and presented to a user in a way that makes him put aside his beliefs and takes it as a real environment. It is used in a computer and is experienced through the use of the senses of sight and sound.  It comes in various forms for instance 3 D images that can work in a personal computer by manipulating the keyboard and the mouse, moving the content in a direction or zooming (Burdea and Coiffet, 2003).

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Virtual reality can be divided into two; the development of an imagined environment for a development and simulation of a real environment for education and training. People can interact with virtual reality by the use of standard inputs or a wired glove. The simulated environment is made to appear as a reality.  

Virtual reality needs three things to work; the computer, a software and an individual. When three things are provided, games, adventures and rooms can be created among other things. This is the input of imagination together with technology. It works with joysticks, mice, helmets, and glasses among other things. They record and measure electronic signal to the physical world. The output devices enable us to process the computer physical world (Burdea and Coiffet, 2008).

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The virtual reality also makes use of the reality engine. The reality engine processes information and creates the visual world. It comprises of computers one of which is powerful that generates graphics that are complex. The processing is handled in real time to ensure that there is no delay in the visual world.

The virtual reality has influenced us socially. Socialization and entertainment opportunities have been made easy and available with the use of virtual reality. Interesting games have been invented to suit the needs of people. We can now access information in televisions and radios which make use of the visual reality technology (Brennan and Johnson, 2004).

As we continue using the visual reality technology, important changes to the economic sector, the world view and culture will come by making the world a better place to live in.

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Through emerging trends, human beings have been able to show that the capability of the human mind cannot be overlooked and can be used to come with important complex things through the use of technology. Expert system and virtual reality has completely changed the world.

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