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Overweight and Obesity

What is obesity and overweight?

Is abnormal deposition of fat in the human body which at long run may lead to sickness and disease? Body mass index is usually used to determine whether one has obesity or overweight and its units are measured in kilograms [kg] .it usually used to determine if one is obese or overweight in both sexes.

Facts about obesity and overweight

Studies have shown that approximately 43million children under the age of 5years were overweight and obese globally in 2010, now obesity and overweight has become a problem for both first and third world countries all together affecting mostly urban dwellers. [WHO 2008]

Risk factors of obesity and overweight

The immediate cause of obesity and overweight is the excessive intake of calories consumed and released. Nutrition has largely contributed to this two diseases in that excess intake of foods rich in fats and sugars and low in vitamins, micronutritions and minerals. Lack of physical exercise for which contribute largely, and also life style, urbanization and new modes of transport has diversely contributed to the increase cases of obesity and overweight. Consequences of overweight and obesity. Obesity and overweight has contributed to health problems like, cardiovascular diseases, muscularskeletal disorders e.g. osteoarthritis, and cancers like colon, breast and endometrial cancer.

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How to overcome obesity and overweight

The only way to overcome obesity and overweight is by reducing sugar intake in our foods, performing physical activities like walking, cycling, swimming etc.increased intake of vitamins and vegetables and taking a well balanced food. [Robert, malina 2004]


Obesity and overweight can be prevented by only adapting to good and healthy diet lifestyles.

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