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The Early Years of African Slavery

            African slavery dated way back then. The beginning of the said era was confided with the fact that the white American individuals supposedly saw themselves as people way more important and much superior than that of the blacks. It could be noted that through this discriminative approach, the black Americans were pushed down to slavery and were then treated in a definite despiteful way that identified their existence as somewhat non important to the society.

            This is the very reason why the emergence of the Jesuits during this particular time affected the said matter so much. IT is undeniably true that through their existence, regaining the hope of being rehabilitated from a devastating state could be reasonably recognized as a huge part of the progress of the situation that governed the entire American society during those times. Truthfully, it could be identified that life has been somewhat hard yet easier to deal with when the Jesuits emerged in the society especially considering the part of the black Americans who liven back then. However, although the Jesuits gave continuous hope, it could still not be denied that slavery was uptight and the white ones were not ready to surrender their slaves to freedom yet.

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            The very idealistic and positive nature of a society that is desired and dreamed by many is that it is to be founded in accordance to the values of equality and liberty. This is the utopian model of the society in terms of humanitarian aspect, wherein each individual living in this kind of state has the same social, legal and constitutional rights and privileges with the other. Unequal concepts such as that of the sovereignty or lordship of anyone other a certain social group or structure is not applicable in nations founded in the ideas of liberty. Each and everyone have the same rights to claim and access their basic needs for survival in to the extent that it does not violate the rights of others.

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            However, the establishment of this kind of nation manifested certain complications as significantly perceived in the development of the society. Though certain nations implemented the concepts of equality in liberty in the formulation of their social and legal structure, they continued their use of the slavery system. This is mainly because of the aid of the slavery system to their economy and the domestic aspect of their social structure. Slavery has been created in the as the foundation of the economic aspect of the society in every stage of their production process. Slaves are widely used in the plantations and farms as workers and laborers. In the domestic level, slaves are tasked the basic jobs and responsibilities of maintaining the household. In addition, many industries employ the labor of the slaves to do the most basic tasks in each field.

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            Because of this, the slavery system becomes a vital part of the society manifesting as the foundation of their nation’s structure in many significant aspect. Abolishment of the said system will diminish the society as a whole since the nation cannot replace the part of the slaves in the system. This is the reason why a society significantly requires the slavery structure in establishing their society as this social class manifest as the main foundation of their nation.


            During the early establishment of the Republic, it has been widely perceived by the Southern Slave States that the main priority of the United State’s Government does not include promoting the humanitarian rights of the slaves. They have seen that their concern is generally focused on the economic, legal and sovereignty aspect as they continued to expand territory and conquer more slave state. Thus, the civil rights and privileges of the slaves such as their lands and voting rights are still neglected and continued to diminish with the development of the republic. This in turn caused further secession of more slave states to the republican nation.

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            This action is perceived by the republican government as an act of treason, seizure of national territory and an act of revolt to the government thus only made the civil war to be more likely.  Slowly the complication started from actual acts of hostility as the defense of the republican government from the attacks of the slaves and then continued to be further aggravated to war. Thus, this makes the slavery system the main roots and cause of the civil war during the early stages of the republican nation.

            The civil war is generally perceived to be most likely to occur mainly because of the contradiction in the interest of the two involved parties. The republic dominantly aimed to develop their nation first in the economic, legal and social aspect and they cannot yet still afford to abolish the slavery system as they still serve as the critical foundation of the system. On the other hand, the slave states aimed to acquire their equal freedom and rights from the republic and to establish this, slavery system must first be abolish. This contradiction resulted to the secession, which later resulted to the war.  

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            To answer the problem of the Civil War and prevent any reoccurrence of it during the early establishment of the United State’s republican government, the problem of slavery must be stopped and completely eradicated from the social structure of their nation. However, the process of removing this concept becomes slow because of the many problems hindering its progress. The attempt to rectify this solution has encountered many complications from the different aspect of their nation mainly from the social and economic aspect.

            After the war, the first groups of slaves to be freed are those that belong to the Confederate-state and this is because of the president’s political agenda of preventing any further secession. In addition, the republican government aimed to strengthen the political bond and loyalty of the Confederate group to the Republican nation. On the other hand, other black slaves from southern states becomes harder to be emancipated because of political and social problems such as the contrast to the social structure which perceive the slavery system as an important foundation of their economic and other domestic structure.  However though, this problem is gradually addressed thus resulting tot eh significant abolishment of the slavery system to the present republican society of the United States.

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            Through the years of human history, it could be seen how life of the black Americans treaded in the times of slavery and oppression. It is certainly agreeable to notice then that slavery, although strongly applied and depicted in the past American years of history, the matter was still carefully dealt with and freedom was given way even amidst the numerous challenges that the individuals involved in the said situation needed to undergo. Yes, this phase in history calls for a larger consideration and application today. People at present are certainly not yet free from the effects of the worldly matters, however, hope to clear away from the said things could still be considerably identified and applied for the sake of everyone’s benefit like that of the years of struggle that the African Americans needed to deal with during their time.

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