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The United States of America

History may have it that this is the second worst crisis after the great depression of 1930 in the United States of America. This economic crisis did not erupt suddenly but it has been piling for years and its time has come. This paper scrutinizes the speeches of President Obama and his challenge for Americans during these hard times of the crisis not only affecting the Americans but all countries of the world are feeling it.

A Crisis Among Us

The United States of America has gone through many crises which has included the great depression of the 1930s, the engagement in world wars one and two, Vietnam, the 9/11 tragedy and the current economic crisis. The economic crisis has been partly caused by excessive credit creation with low interest rates for many years which had been driven by greed. However, it should be remembered that the American economy is build on credit and it has been flourishing for the reason that it has been used wisely. To come out of this crisis there is need for many Americans to tighten the belt. On the other hand, this crisis has plunged many people into obscurity whereby home owners are loosing their homes; many are laid off from jobs they have been holding on for decades. A quick solution has been sought and the emergency part of this is to pump millions of dollars in the name of bail-out plan and the long time plan is to tighten money and increase the interest rates deliberately to heal the economy and further restrain inflation. This kind of remedy will automatically lead to a very sharp recession but for a short while. To achieve this and arrive at this solution needs very strong willed financial and government leaders. President Obama has shown the willingness to tackle this crisis at once and for all but not alone and he is calling upon all Americans or support.

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During American crises have been tackled and completely solved by strong willed presidents for instance the great depression which spread its ramifications to the 1940s was ended by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who is touted to be among the best presidents of all times. President Franklin Roosevelt in part said, “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan” (Nixon…706). This was one of the powerful and a well choreographed speech of it is time. It was a beautifully written speech that gathered all Americans together for a war which they were weary of. They did not like to join this war but they were persuaded to support it without being forced. President Obama has delivered very strong speeches to notify Americans the extent to which his government is committed to recover the economy of the United States which has generate a lot of anxiety among the people. His speeches have been aligned with the healthcare and the energy sectors which are also in shambles and their current status have been aggravated by the economical crisis. President Obama is challenging fellow Americans to work hard and make sacrifices where possible to achieve the goals he has set as he says, “together, we can not fail. Not now. Not when we have a crisis to solve and an economy to save. Not when there are so many Americans without jobs and without homes. Not when there are families who can’t afford to see a doctor or send their child to college or pay their bills at the end of the month” (Obama 2008 from internet). These two presidents have persuaded Americans to fully support them during crises. They may have used political rhetoric or not but the support from the public has been immense and immeasurable.

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He is also urging and challenging Americans to change their attitudes and maintain a positive attitude which will prepare them sail through the crisis. He himself is urging the Americans to support his budget proposals to attain his goals of bringing change to the white house and America. His speeches have electrified the public like the speeches that were delivered by presidents during the world war one and two more specifically the second world war, the speeches are similar nevertheless the only difference is that President Obama’s speech is financial or economic whole the other is about war. He has directed his strong speeches specifically on financial systems and he says, “After the passing the financial rescue plans there is promise to help stabilize the financial system but only if we act quickly, effectively and aggressively”. This economical crisis calls for courage as President Obama has repeatedly said, “together can not fail together we can overcome the broken policies, together we can renew the economy, together we can create millions of jobs” (Obama 2008 from internet).  

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His many speeches have directly changed the behaviors and attitudes of the majority of Americans. Many Americans have believed that they are able to change America and this signifies the power of the president Obama's speech. The speeches are characterized by aggressiveness and courage.

Many successful presidents of America have succeeded because of their beliefs in working together by mobilizing the public or the citizens. During the times of crisis, it has been even easier to persuade Americans to support a course that deems right to overcome the crises. President Obama has also gone to record to have mobilized many Americans for a course not like any other president in the United States of America

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