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Jesus Son and The Queen

Jesus’ Son and the The Queen are stories that relate the truth about human living. Through showcasing that the lives of people are certainly governed by certain circumstances that they meet every day. These movies are considered to be among the piece of arts that are created to mirror the lives of people which would serve as reminder to each one as to where they out to stand and how they should actually find the best possible ways of dealing with the challenges that they need to meet every day.

Truthfully, the said movies were separately plotted although they do have almost the same themes on showing how people change. Through time, certain events happen. To know how these situations are shown through the said movies, the following discussion shall decipher certain themes that the movies portray.

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Jesus’ Son

            A mellow mannered man was rather transformed as he begins to blend in the society that he wants to be a part of. He began to see the reality of the world and was taken by it hence motivating him to leave his being of a man of character to a man who simply wants to taste life as it comes. It could be noticed that through this particular plot, the story of the movie shows how a man could immediately transform based on the environmental changes that he meets in his life. The irony of the use of Jesus’ name in the movie suggests how a person such as the mellow man in the movie could actually be moved to change through the desires of his heart and the pressures of the people living around him.

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The death of Princess Diana subjected the Royal Family into several issues of handling the situation in privacy and in opposition to what the public rather receive from the reports about the said incident. Faced with this dilemma, the Queen is then forced to make abrupt decisions that would actually bring about the different changes to the royal family and the ways by which they live.

Implications of the Movies to Human Living

            When faced with different devastating accounts in life, it could be recognized that certain decisions need to be made, and by doing so, the future of one is changed. These movies particularly note how humans should actually find the best options possible to be able to make a decision that would bring about positive directions towards the future. It could be noted that through time, challenges would continuously arise to test one’s capability to face life as it comes. This notes the impeccable truth that human individuals need to be careful about their decisions and seriously consider the future consequences of the said situations that they encounter every day.

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