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Reconstruction of the South

Redemption according to the south during the reconstruction

According to the people from the south, the word redemption originates from the redemption movement. This was a movement of supporters of the theory of American conspiracy. The government of the United States of America was using its citizens as collateral to borrow money from the banks due to the reconstruction that was taking place. This was happening after the government abandoned the gold standards in 1933. The redemption theory asserts that the citizens were able to access money from the accounts that were secret using some means that were obscure and the regulations followed were questionable. From this redemption theory, the government deposited $630,000 in a hidden bank account corresponding with every newborn and the accounts were manned a Jewish cable. The government created a straw man (a fictitious man) who was the account holder in the bank. Under uniform commercial code, an American citizen could reclaim this sum of money (the straw man) and was able to write checks against this account.

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The government to acquire these funds from the theory used the non United States citizens. The redemption theory further explains that, by filling certain forms and some few legal government forms one could get the access to these funds using sight drafts. Other documents that were important in this process include copyright notice, security agreement, and power of the attorney. The strictness of these non-abiding documents remained practical as the government acquired money through the redemption. There are some conflicting theories, which explain that United States nationals can avoid taxes by filling documents from a citizen to a non-resident alien.

The theory of redemption explains some serious circumstances that arose from this unlawful exercise. Some people earned serious sentences to jails by the courts while others remained free. The reasons for the fall of the economy originated from man errors and corruption. The redemption theories have conflicting information about the main reason for the redemption.

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