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Human Right in Modern Day Pakistan

The Human Rights Commission is working for the betterment for the standard of living in many countries regardless of the religion, race and class. In recent years where Pakistan has been in the firing line for various issues including terrorism, the human rights situation has been a critical one as well. Pakistan is a developing country and the rules and regulations which work here are not satisfactory. The feudalism is the main law in the rural areas and now has spread into the political parties who are controlling the fate of Pakistan (Chitkara, 1998).

Being a developing country many grants are given by the World Bank and IMF in conjunction with the US aid program which requires that Pakistan must eradicate the evils in the ranks which are taking control of the lives who are innocent and don’t have power to give response. The situation of woman is critical as well where the females are subjected to physical torture by their husbands and the police most of the times don’t cut an IFR which is the first investigation report against the beater (Chitkara, 1998). There are other kinds of abusing as well. The trends in the rural areas allow females to be used as a scapegoat where the group of villagers allows the gang rape of the females in order to make both parties agree. This inhuman situation is not limited to certain areas. This abusing is even present in the army ranks where a Pakistani woman was raped by a captain and the government supported that army captain which meant that the things are very difficult for everyone to survive. The rule of law allows the police to arrest anyone on the basis of doubt and they can batter them in whatever way they want. This situation demands for extreme measures that could change the overall situation of Pakistan.

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The Human Rights Commission has been actively involved in providing certain facilities to the victims and they are constantly publishing the facts inside Pakistan, but the things aren’t changing as quickly as they must be because of the political parties’ monopoly in the regions (Syed & Singh, 2007). Today the president and prime minister all belong to feudal families and they cannot allow the eradication of their powers upon those who have always worked under them. The poor farmers and villagers are subjected to torture and are not allowed basic necessities of life such as education and healthcare in the rural areas (Human Rights Watch, 1999).

The human rights are becoming a hot issue around the world. This commission is outlining the unjust facts not only in Guantanamo Bay but also in the villages of India and Pakistan (Syed & Singh, 2007). The human rights fighters have indeed reached Pakistan but they are unable to get any success. The problem can be solved only when a certain group from the top rank could change their own mindset and work in conjunction with them, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Benazir Bhutto was one of the biggest leaders of the Pakistan and belonged to Pakistan People’s Party, the largest political party in Pakistan currently ruling as well, based on the motive to provide freedom to all the citizens of Pakistan as well as the provision of the basic necessities like food, shelter and clothes (Cole, 1982). Though the founder of this party Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged as a result of his involvement in a murder, the country always took him as the strongest democratic leader Pakistan ever had. Benazir Bhutto herself had become inspirational in her role as the sister of all the Pakistanis. She always tried to establish a strong relationship between the people and the government. These were her struggles that even allowed the human rights people to enter Pakistan and work for the betterment of the people. She was educated from Oxford and Cambridge and had a strong view on the provision of the human rights. When she was in power she did work to her maximum strength to provide justice and working under the designated laws but still due to the same undue factors of the people who are present in the highest ranks don’t allow the freedom of those to happen who are still living a life far away from the basic necessities (Singh & Saxena, 2004). Even when the last President of Pakistan Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf visited UK in recent months, he replied to the question on the human rights for the people of Pakistan angrily. His answer was pretty clear as he said that Pakistan is a very different kind of country due to its geography, religion and the nature of the people living here. Any human rights law that is applicable in like UK or USA is by no means is applicable in Pakistan. There should always be relaxations in the whole procedures and even if the problem persists there is no way of eradicating it because these things are now part of the society and culture. Even the victim doesn’t want change. If all these things happen this way, how the human rights can work here when they will have no support.

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Benazir Bhutto however, worked promptly for the rights of the people. She was the first one who stood against Gen. Musharraf when he was in power for the victory of democracy. She was against the illegal handing over of the Pakistani citizens to UK and USA as it made the whole country insecure from us only.

The recent democratic government took oath after a strong victory in the general elections. Many believe that the ruling party Pakistan People’s Party’s success was only due to the assassination of Benazir as it hyped her stature in the country. With the democratic government intact, the human rights people have been allowed access to those areas where they were never in the past. They have been allowed to take interviews and provide suggestions to the governing body. But the problems still persists. The people are not getting a basic living standard. Leaving out the people of rural area still doesn’t make the situation better as the problems of food, shelter and clothes are still there. People are dying because of the inflation and high prices and low income. There are no jobs available in the markets. The suicidal cases have become more common due to the financial slump any single family experiences. The level of frustration has gone up and in this situation no one is helping the country. The fight against terrorism is an ongoing war which Pakistan must also fight.

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The situation therefore is not convincing and satisfying. The humans are not getting the best what they can. They are being left over and over by each government with each and every government in the end become a corrupt. In the nearly last two decades all the governments have been deemed corrupted and as a result had to lose the power. When there is nothing stable in the country, it becomes impossible for all to take extreme measures that could somehow improve the situation of the people of Pakistan. Human Rights Commission is working in conjunction with welfare organizations of Pakistan like Edhi and Chhipa and is working for those who are in need with better care and interests. Still lot more work is required as the level of threats of these issues is much greater here than in the Western countries. Situation has become better in recent years but not satisfactory one. The people are still insecure and they still don’t have the right to live with the freedom that is demanded by the Human Rights Commission in order for the democratic government to work.

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