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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is known as the most effective leader and activist in regaining the Civil Rights Movement for the African Americans who were still unable to get proper rights of freedom after the freedom. Martin Luther King lived in the central part of the 20th century when after the First World War the country was trying to establish itself from its aftermaths.

Martin Luther King was greatly emphasized by the highest rank white players who were dictating their terms on the poor blacks. In order to get fully rights of living in a civil society Martin became positive in his approach and used non violent ways to settle the score. He was the first one who initialized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957 which has its main emphasis on providing better opportunities for life for all of the individuals in a society regardless of the fact about their colors. This conference harnessed the black churches to protest for equal rights in the southern states.

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The socio economic conditions around that time were still not satisfying and mostly the lower and middle order families were led to different unethical and non justified behaviors and this mostly impacted the blacks. The blacks were kept of from the jobs and with entirely deprived of their social benefits. Moreover, the common white people didn’t behave well with them as well which made them a separate community with no resources. Martin Luther King at this time stood up to the task and initialized the revolutionary process of for equal and civil rights.

There were many movements that started to work under Martin. First he was successful in stating the fact that this whole campaign is peaceful. He kept on doing this and irritated those present in the Washington. Secondly with the passage of time he was able to involve the white from the lower ranks as well who also thought that the rich whites are dictating their terms on them as well. The first movement started in Albany, Georgia which was known as Albany Movement and focused on the desegregation of the racial facts within the city. Though the whole campaign was non violent, the local government was able to deteriorate the efforts by their political strategies on buying the low key profile people to not to take part in the movement. The movement later made possible the other movements. Another campaign followed in Birmingham in 1963 when the same segregation in the city was tried to dissolve by Martin and SCLC. The campaign lasted for two months and during the non violent clashes the blacks were taken into the jails and were treated inhumanly but still the whole campaign never lost its composure in keeping peace. In fact Martin said that the main objective of the campaign was to open the doors to negotiations which the government is running from.

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The nightly marches of St. Augustine, Florida in 1964 were another part of the whole project of the civil rights where the black marched on the streets for whole nights. In contrast to their non violent activities, the whites assaulted them middle of night and still the blacks were taken into the jails. In the regards of the same movement, the march of Washington took place in 1963. This march was an eye opener for the government and those who were thinking to finish this movement. The march stated for the equal opportunities for all the people.

In the later part of his life, Martin was also against the war on Vietnam. He stated that this war was not inevitable and the American government was trying to violate international laws and dictating its terms on other countries for increasing its colonies and it is not good for the world and the country. These actions can never be justified as these are terrorist activities.

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On the whole the life of Martin was the trademark in setting the future relations between the blacks and whites in the United States. Martin won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his movements and protests in a peaceful manner. Later in order to identify his work, he was given many civil awards and the holiday is subjected on the day he was assassinated for the first time in 1986 and is continued after that.

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