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World War

World war that was experienced in 1936 to 1945 was caused by a number of factors which in combination lead to war as we know it. In brief the factors that causes the world war are not different with the factors causing the current was Iraq Afghanistan, Somalia and other parts of the world in principle. Although they differ in nature but the main major of this wars is about power, piece, aggression and oppression. This paper speculates on the causes of the Second World War that affected various economies.

To begin with the world to broke out because Hitler  the leader of Germany  failed to comply with the agreement they made between various countries because of his fascist aggression and lack democratic  space and velour  to comply with agreement as entered into caused the war. In 1919 there was an agreement that Germany that democratic space, Berlin, chamberlain however this agreements or treaties were broken and they became hostile camps which divided Europe.  When Hitler started the war various countries were unable to decide which side to support. This formed a major cause for war. During the start of the war other factors, accelerated the war. The Germany Nazi and the soviet  in 1939 accelerated the war because their agreement let to the fall of Poland this agreement aloud the Germanys invaded Poland however Britain had to ensure that the bolder of Poland were secure therefore the war broke out. There was also the complete annexation of Sudetenland in 1938. There was also an agreement to have Austria soreignvety to be maintained. However the Nazi decided to invade the Austria and they occupied Czechoslovakia and these factors of expansionist and fascist aggression lead to the war in a Europe. This can be summarized in denying countries democratic space and expansionist behavior that caused the war. The expansionist behavior was to help him to dominant a Europe and the world thus denying other countries to be a free world.

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Germany got knew friends in the name of Italy and Japan. Italy wanted to expand the Roman Empire to Africa and Mediterranean and Africa thus the invention of Ethiopia in 1935. Japan they wanted their kingdom in pacific therefore they wanted to extend their kingdom to china and Australia this brought the war to Asia. This countries; Germany, Italy and Japan did not want communism Russia joined forces t fight the three countries which wanted expansionist and aggression. Britain and allies were fighting the Germany and friends as well as Russia from the other side.  However in 1937 to 1939 Britain decided to assist Germany to recover little did they know that the fascist aggression was not coming to an end .Therefore the war continued.  As it was found out of war, does not offer any solution but temporally solutions. War helped to stagnate and drag economies and through many people homeless as well as to make the world to bad place to living.

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The fascism philosophy that the Germanys wanted to implement in various countries became another thorny issue that contributed to the Second World War. They wanted to maintain military like discipline in the society and people were not happy with these doctrines therefore they resisted. Since fascist believed in war as a best way to solve problems they engaged in war.

The United States of America isolated a Europe in terms of political life. The United states maintained ties with a Europe in terms of business connections but they withdrew political ties . When the Germanys were taking offer Poland creating gas masks, digging trenches and causing holyble things to people in a Europe, Americans closed their eyes as if nothing was taking place.

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If I fail to mention nationalisms and racialism as another source of the Second World War, I will be doing at service to this paper.  The dying of six million Israelites’ in gas chambers and masks was as a result of racialism. In Germany racialism had taken place since different political identities had emerged in the political life of Germany society one was recognized as pan-Germany and pan-Slavs. Since this caused a lot disharmony issues of sharing of resources, political dominance and I believe that the Germanys were superior race as compared to the Slavs caused the war that was experienced in Europe. The war between countries was also brought about the idea of nationalism, the Japanese felt that it is their duty to protect their government.

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Competition for resources such as coal and iron deposit contributed greatly to the war among nations.

Irrespective of the reasons of the war, all wars cost the common man. The costs are likely go high. As result the oil and commodity prices have gone up. The Oil prices tripled during the war. This hit the pocket of common man. In addition, innocent people are killed including children. Wars are fought with some reason but in true sense war end up in causality and open wound.

Post World War I the military and warfare underwent major changes. Alliances, strategies and tactics used in wars also changed substantially. The tragic end of world war 1 resulted in thinking the world population on war as last thing to resolve problems. By the end of World War I two world powers has been emerged, USSR and the United States. Since there were only two major powers most of the countries have assembled under these two countries. These two countries have opposed each other in all fronts. Both countries, in the absence of a complete war engaged in proxy wars, developing competitive and technologically weapons, acquiring weapons of mass destructions including nuclear weapons, espionage and propaganda. All this have changed the strategy and tactics used in wars.

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Warfare After World War II

Aerial warfare has improved substantially post world war. Anti aircraft guns, surface-to-surface missiles, laser guided bombs. AGM 88 High speed radiation missiles were developed in the eighties and it is aimed to jam the enemy radar. It was used in the Gulf war. Biological warfare was another method used to disable the enemy. In this method germs and virus were used to make the enemy sick and reduce their fighting potential. Using toxic chemicals to incapacitate is called chemical warfare. At the time of Gulf war there was widespread fear that Saddam Hussein would use these weapons on the enemy forces. However that did not happen.

Electronic warfare was also new to the post world war II period. This is non violent and especially targeted to jam the radars and the enemy electronic instrument and to get the supremacy of the war. Nuclear war and star wars were the discussion in the eighties and the nineties. While Ronald Regan was in power he has thought and taken some steps to develop the star war, a system to develop and position weapons in the space stations in order to destroy satellites and the inter continental ballistic missiles. Missile technology has developed many folds and many counties have tested a large variety of short medium and long-term missiles. Missiles able to carry nuclear arms to the distant enemy nations were also developed post world war. Bombers the F series the Migs and the Mirages were all high quality Bomber aircrafts developed post Second World War. Stealth was developed to pass off the enemy radars.

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Before the actual war, sanctions would be raised to pressurize the country to stop hostility. If the country continued with the hostility then all the question of war would come. War is a threat to the humanity and the whole world irrespective of who engaged in the war. It is nice to see that the UN and world leaders have accepted this fact and may be this is the reason why all the aggression in post world war have been confined to the war area only. “Einstein once said he is not sure about the weapons that would be used in the third world war, but he would be able to tell what would be the weaponry if a fourth world war happens. No doubt it will be bow and arrow”.  Globalization would reduce the risk of the war. Economical interest will over power the political interest. Also Globalization would result in more movement of money and men across countries. This would certainly result in reduction of the threat of war 

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