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The Life of Virginia Slaves

In almost all scenarios of Virginia history, slavery is very dominant. There was a legal importation of slaves in the period that actually ended in 1778. Due to this act of slavery, the slavery business thrived to an extent that it got to the level of the young children. Most of the people from all he societies were slaves since they were young. It had therefore become a usual way of life. The main cause of slavery was due to the fact that it was the only source of cheap labor that people could acquire a living (McColley 87).

The people who participated in these activities were considered of low status in the society. They did a number of activities that actually made their lives most difficult during that period of time. The men and women did most of the farming activities. They could prepare land, weed, plant crops, and harvest and even remove weeds from the farms of the rich people. The young people worked din the farming fields in assistance of their parents. This was the only way that these people could afford to buy and acquire daily needs of the family (Applewood Books 13).

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The live of the slaves were actually at great risk. This was because of the kind of treatment that they received from the other people of the community. They were treated as tools and equipment that could be used to fulfill different activities in the farms and at homes. Since they were very expensive during that period of time, some were however treated well. However, they had to work hard in order to be treated well by their employees. Some were beaten and treated badly by other people. Some were severely punished. They therefore had to work so hard in order not to be punished again. In many cases, they could not miss a day of punishment even for the slightest mistakes made. Moreover, they were not paid by their employers. This made even their lives to be much painful and harder (McColley 87)

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In conclusion, the slavery that actually took place in the country of Virginia was one of the worst in the world. They were kept under tight security that could not enable them to escape even for a singe day. The owners made sure that they had enough machinery to keep them under control. They therefore lived terrible lives that no one could wish to love one day.

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