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Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist

According to Madison, a faction is a group of citizens totaling to a majority or minority who are united by and focused on a familiar desire or obsession. There were too many factions in United States and as a result, they kept on differing and hindering democracy. But through the opinion of the majority rule, the influence of factions was broken. From that time, the factions worked together and yearned for the introduction of a new constitution. Factions are purposively formed for a common goal or interest. Some may be formed to advocate for the rights of a community. An example of a current faction is some Muslims who try to spread their religion within a large number of Christians. Factions may be formed by the majority or minorities who have common interest.

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Madison argues that factions are dangerous given that people have different interests and belong to different classes of citizens. He says that if a faction has been formed by the majority within society then the rights of the minority will be in jeopardy. According to Madison, the use of republic governance is better because the views of the citizens can be advanced and distended by taking them through a medium of a chosen team. These chosen citizens will apply their wisdom to move the country forward. They will show their commitment to the country through patriotism and desire for justice. It will also be hard for them to betray the interests of their country.

It is hard to pinpoint the root causes of faction because it is founded on the notion of unequal distribution of resources. However, there are two ways of curing factions. First is by obliterating liberty crucial to its survival and the second one is by giving all citizens the same zeal and interests (Wilson 304). The best alternative for wiping out factions is to formulate and implement a plan which will introduce a democratic type of government which in turn tames the factions.

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A minority faction is a group consisting of the few within a larger group. Minority factions are not as dangerous as majority factions because their differences can be negotiated and a republican government can control them. A special form of arrangement can be created by the republican spirit where the majority faction would rule but the interests of the minority will be considered (Ketcham 45). It is important to control the majority faction because the rights of the minority will be under threat.

According to Brutus, a union or an amalgamation of thirteen small states is a good form of government because a general republic would involve more power for the leaders (Wilson 335). The power within the authority given to leaders makes them less corrupt and as a result their judgment is made according to the constitution which is the absolute law of land.

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He argues that the proposed constitution does not grant liberty to all citizens. The aim of the proposed constitution is to develop a kind of repression or in the extreme end, a tyrannical aristocracy which after its introduction, people will stay as if they are in refuge and their liberty minimized. He says that this government has minimal powers thus limited to certain matters.

According to Madison, the kinds of people who will be elected as representatives of people are those who will stand for the classes, poor and rich. These people will have the respect for property and human rights. He fears that if both classes are not integrated, the division becomes a predisposition to social problems because poverty will set in.

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Madison's system is better than that of Brutus. This is because Madison considers all classes of people and even the coming generations. Despite the fact that the US is not a poor country, he fears that poverty cannot be overly ruled out. On the other hand, Brutus does not regard all classes in the society. He only minds about power. According to the laws which are made today, our modern form of government represents some elements which Brutus points out in that in some situations, the interests of the few are well taken care of and the rest are left to cater on their own.

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