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Impact On American Policing

Sir Robert Peel was a political leader as well as a famous statesman of mid-Victorian Britain. He was a very strong Conservative politician (Wright, 2000). His legacy has motivated many people in Britain and in other countries like Ireland and America. During his reign he held various offices of state. He managed to become a Home Secretary, Chief Secretary to Ireland, Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Prime Minister. He was considered being the first leader of the Conservative Party and also the founder of Modern Conservatism.

Though he was a British, Sir Robert Peel brought impacts on American policing and its history. He is well known in various books of history. Sir Robert Peel became more famous when he established London Metropolitan Police. Many countries adopted the system including King Alfred the Great who was preparing to go for a battle with the Danes. Police Departments in the United States were embraced by the Peel's model and they were able to adopt it. He encouraged many countries including America to acquire the new ways of preventing crimes other than dealing with criminals after the fact.

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In the enforcement of the American laws, each moment is viewed as new, irrespective of the original history. Patterson quotes that,'' for those who cannot recall the past are condemned to repeat it''. Most of the Americans do not have this skill, but Sir Robert Peel did not stop dreaming about the improvement policing in Britain.

Sir Robert Peel came up with a principle called ''Bobbie''. It was also rename as Patrolling the Beat. That is a very common policy in the current America. The same method of patrolling is use in America up to date. The policy involves the street patrolling by using the beat, cars and bicycles. Sir Robert Peel came up with an idea that, for the police to be able to perform their duties well there should be an approval from the public. He also stated that the police should secure voluntary co-operation from the public. When Robert Peel introduced the policing, America achieved a great deals derived from the principles. Sir Robert Peel emphasized on the Community Policing. He always informed the public that it is very important to understand the community, and culture being the most instrumental to every American (Wright, (2000). Today in America, the Law Enforcement is derived from Sir Robert Peel's principles. The current American laws were adopted from his principles.

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When he was a Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel came up Metropolitan Police. He came up with the first Metropolitan Police in London. Sir Robert Peel's believe was that, the only way of reducing the crime is by educating the people to know their responsibilities. He also stated that police are the people and the people are also the police. In America today, this principle is applied. The crime rate in America is reducing as people observe the principle in form of a law. Sir Robert Peel said that crime can be prevented without involvement in the lives of the citizens.

In America, there are nine principles that are currently observed (Galway & Hudson, 2003). These principles were set by Sir Robert Peel. It is quite useful and important and they are also used in many countries. These principles supported his theory of policing. The first principle analyses about the prevention of crime and disorder. According to this principle, the police are responsible of reducing and preventing crimes in the public. The police are the backbones of the security in the country. Just as it is in America, police are trained on how to reduce crimes and to take the necessary action on the suspects or victims without intruding the lives of the citizens.

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American Law Enforcement Act adopted the Sir Robert Peel's principle that, for the police to be able to perform their duties smoothly, the public should have an approval of the police actions (National Institute of Justice, 1996). This principle is widely observed in America. It is very important in for the American police because in reminds the citizen to be self responsible in matters pertaining crimes. Citizens themselves are capable of reducing crimes if they will observe this principle.

Sir Robert Peel's principles improved the relationship between the police and the public in America. Police are taught and trained how to upheld, secure and maintain the respect of the citizens by securing the willing co-operation of the citizens in the voluntary observance of the law. Initially there was not good relationship between the police officers and the public in America. Respect is now something common between the police and public in America.

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The necessity of enforcement is directly proportional to the level of co-operation of the citizens that can be secured. The American Law Enforcement is currently using this principle to maintain security and peace (Braithwaite, 1994). Sir Robert Peel established various ways on how the police can obtain and keep public favor. This could only be done not by catering to the public but by highly demonstrating pure impartial performance to the law.

In New York the modern policing was adopted from the Sir Robert Peel's principles that were set in London in 1828. Roberts's bill was form mainly for the trained and uniform police force. In New York City the first shield was introduced in 1845 (Neyroud, & Beckley, 2001). The shield as a clear history. From that time police in America preferred to use civilian in patrol. They believed that uniforms belong to the British custom and could not fit the new ways of patrolling in the New York City. Since 1845, there was no formal uniforms and training in America till 1853. (Neyroud, & Beckley, 2001).

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After acquiring the skills from Sir Robert Peel in 1845, New York City and some other parts in the USA, (National Advisory Commission) established a structure of modern law enforcement despite many detailed history related to the subsequent developments in some of these parts. In the New York City, crime was a continuing issue between 1960s t0 1970s. It continued to be one of the sensitive concerns of the public. For the first time to occur, crime was the leading domestic issue in 1968. The crime at this period increased up to 100,000 persons.

Americans sought for the most important ways of law enforcement for many years. (Neyroud & Beckley, 2001). It was only until 1980s that Sir Roberts Peel's principle began to bear fruits in some parts of America especially New York City. At the same time US started showing some signs in the reduction in crime rates and violence. However, some complained that perception and awareness is what resulted to public concern about the crime.

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For over many years police department in America especially in the USA and across the world have been doing well with Sir Robert Peel's twelve principles of policing. After the implementation of these twelve principals, positive changes in violence and crimes in America and across the world were the common signs of harmony. American policing strictly observe Sir Robert Peel's twelve principals (Becky, 2000). By observing these principals police department has to show seriousness to stand the best. Robert's law led the American policing to understand that following the chains of command is very important just as it is in the military.

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