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The Pacific Theatre

The pacific war which is also commonly referred to as the Asia-pacific war is a war that took place in the pacific ocean , its islands and the far East during the world war two (Dinardo , 2005). The war in the pacific began on September 18, 1931 when Japan invaded Manchuria which was rich with natural resources. Pacific war is a general term that encompasses the pacific ocean theatre , the south west pacific theatre , the south East pacific theatre and the Chinese theatre which also includes the 1945 conflict of the soviet union and Japan(Dinardo , 2005) . Axis countries were defeated by Allied powers which comprised of: Great Britain , the united States and the soviet union.

Americas involvement in the war is one of the most key reasons why the Axis lost. America gave the allies a fresh supply of troops, planes , tanks and other war machines which were the best due to its industrial might. Germans loss can also be attributed to Hitler's dictatorship that saw him direct military strategy instead of leaving that to the generals. Hitler decided to attack Russia and also aid Italy at all costs(Dinardo , 2005) .

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The Doolittle raid which was the first air raid by the united states on Japan was very key to the defeat of Japan because it showed that Japan itself was vulnerable and it provided an expedient way for U.S retaliation for the Japanese attack (Dinardo , 2005). This attack increased U.S moral and made Japan doubt its military might. In this raid , sixteen American Army air forces were launched from U.S Navy's aircraft carrier into the pacific ocean and Japan's military targets were destroyed (Dinardo , 2005).

The battle of the midway was also very pivotal as far as defeat of Japan and the axis in general is concerned. This was the greatest naval battle of the pacific . This attack by U.S led to the defeat of Japanese navy and also caused irreparable damage to the Japanese (Dinardo , 2005). The Japanese forces were again ambushed by U.S forces as they planed to enter midway atoll due to their defective assumptions about U.S reaction and this led to damage to four Japanese aircraft carriers and a heavy cruiser and this permanently weakened the Japanese Navy hence contributing highly to their ultimate defeat (Dinardo , 2005).

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The battle of the coral sea between the Japanese navy and allied naval and air forces from U.S and Australia led to sinking of several Japanese supporting warships (Dinardo , 2005). This war stopped expansion of Japanese command for the first time which before seemed unstoppable. This was again a major milestone to the success of the Allied forces (Dinardo , 2005).

The Makin Island raid by U.S marine corps on Japanese military succeeded in annihilating the Japanese garrison on the island many Japanese aircrafts were destroyed and this was a major milestone for the allied forces (Dinardo , 2005).

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