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A Post Modern America

America is described to have acquired the superpower status in 20th Century, but eyes have gone beyond this. Since the cross to this millennium, America has become a post modern nation. Basing on all the factors required substantiating this; According toBacevich (2009) its economy and powers have emerged to be the centre of interest of other nations. Its political arena has also distinguished it form them and the election of a black president Barrack Obama shows that America is no longer in the dark ages of discrimination and as a post-modern state, racism has not found a space on the country's extended hands. The current politics are far much better compared to one depicted by presidents of 20th Century.

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By the history of continuity, US will seem to be pioneer of most weaponry technologies, it is claimed that by 1945, it was the only nation which possessed nuclear weapons followed by Japan 5 years later. However, this is no longer the order of the day. Current war does not depend on the arsenal the military posses but interestingly the technology. America has been on the forefront to foster and developed its technology compared to other nations. The leading IT Corporation, Microsoft is based in US. This can be used as an example of technological prowess that the county has boosted about. (Bacevich, 2009)

Though U.S has faced several challenges including it defeat in the Vietnam War and the occupation of its embassy in Teheran this has not brought down the American dreams and intentions. Some of the other major shocks that it has face that shock the very core of the American power was the bombing of the world trade centre and the pentagon during the9/11 attack. AIDS has not also spared the American population. All these challenges have served as the wake up call to the country that want maintain it solely super-power state.

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The latest economic recession and polarization of power are the recent events that change the face of the Country. The recession that started as a financial crunch that had affected the financial sector at it initial stages but later affected the other sectors of the economy. This was seen as the worst recession that had ever occurred since the great depression of 1930. On polarization of the American politics, this is seen as a revolution in the American politics as the old conservative politics have been replaced by a more liberal and democracy embraced. The use of internet as also been encouraged as this is what made President Obama win the elections

However, Clinton (2007) claims that America has not changed is might be true or the progress will extend a short era. Those who claim this says that US dominance is as a result of the collapse of Soviet Union. More so, it economy is under a threat fro the emerging economies like China and Japan. The history of continuity might be disapproved here if the value of the dollar continues to depreciate. As mentioned in the earlier argument, United States dominates the commerce, business and communications with its economy being the most successful in the world though it is facing competition from emerging economies like China and Japan.

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Though America is credited as the country with the wealthiest and the most deadliest military in the world, what it is portraying as being powerful is simply the being able to effect outcome that you it happen and if possible change the behavior to see the change that you want. However this is only possible due to its relatively large possession elements like population, natural resources, economic strength, political stability and the military force (Clinton, 2007).Today's United States power is no longer based on its military force and conquest. Latest example is the Americans plans to withdraw its soldiers in Iran a policy that was implemented by president Barrack Obama. This policy has is part of the wider foreign policy the United State is employing that is more friendlier and embraces more democracy and diplomacy . All these will build on the soft power that America is trying to achieve. This soft power is evident the way other countries admiring its values seem (Clinton, 2007).

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