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Click and Brick

A click and click is an organization which purely uses the internet as a means of doing business while a click and brick organization is that which utilizes both retail and online stores in doing business, and these two stores are balanced to ensure that good returns from sales are achieved from either. These two companies have different marketing strategies due to their difference in backgrounds.

The profitability of these companies differs a lot, considering click and brick companies, they are more profitable than click and click companies. This is mainly because the overall cost experienced by the click and click companies are higher than that of click and brick companies because they do not get favorable cost structures compared to the other type of firm.

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This paper is going to address the difference in McDonald Company which is click and brick and Wiley Company, which is purely click and click. Wiley which purely uses online stores for marketing is far much different in terms of performance and its profitability compared to MacDonald Company which uses both retail and online stores (Leidner, 1993). To compare these companies, we shall look at their strength, weaknesses, opportunities, trends and threads.

The MacDonald Company which deals with fast foods has several strengths which have made it perform well in the market. First of all, it has a brand name which is highly recognizable. This has made it popular throughout the world and it therefore has many customers purchasing its products. Its location is strategic and can be easily accessed, and has also put in place a very strong promotional and advertising campaign (Leidner, 1993). Due to its convenience in service delivery, many customers have been impressed and have become a good employer for many.

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Apart from these strengths, it also has some weaknesses which include; the perception of the public that it produces foods of low nutritional value, its slow adaptation to change in the surrounding especially social change has been another noted weakness, its low disposable income has lead to low spending on the fast food it sales, the American obesity epidemic is also associated with McDonald and lastly, its association with some movies has given a negative impression of them (

McDonald Company has several opportunities which give it a chance to improve its sales and attract more customers, it has for example, had investments especially in Ronald McDonald's house charities, it has also improved its packaging, development of products and the existence of variety of products for selection in store, presents of Mc Café within its location is a good opportunity for it to increase the number of customers purchasing its products.

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McDonald faces threats from other mature and market places which are highly competitive and the fact that it has highly substitutable products have prompted it to move away from selling fast foods to other operations which are healthier (Leidner, 1993).

Considering the trends of MacDonald Company, we find that till 1980's it was still strategizing on expansion and starting new restaurants; they have therefore ventured into new markets. It has also improved its human resource strategies and has ensured that there is efficiency in running of the stores by putting in place a human resource strategy which revolve around the core staff. Recruitment and retention of employees has been upgraded and employees who are potential can make their applications online. This online application saves time and money in recruiting either unskilled or skilled employees. Employees are exposed to regular trainings and this has become a benefit to the company because its employees have obtained better knowledge in both marketing and customer relation.

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The Wiley Company which is a click and click company also has its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends .The major strengths of this company is that it has a brand name 'Wiley Company' which is widely known in the world. This brand name has given it an advantage over its competitors and has therefore attracted many customers to buy its products. They have built their brand name in such a way that if a client log in to their websites, they can easily identify themselves with it. They achieve this by improving the quality of the goods and services they offer. They have also obtained maximum returns for their clients by leasing, property management, disposition of assets in real estates, and their successful acquisition which is due to their attention to individual customers.

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Wiley Company also experience weaknesses which include trust by customers, for the reason that Wiley solely depend on the internet, customers who purchase their products and may be unsatisfied later will not be able to return the goods to the seller. This has made customers to shy away from purchasing goods through the internet (

Having had the need to win customers to buy their products, Wiley has several opportunities that has helped them to win the trust of customers, customer care department in the company helps them to win their customers back because each customer is dealt with as an individual and individual needs or views are taken into consideration. The improved technology has become another opportunity to the Company because they have upgraded their website and several consumers can access it in different parts of the world.

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The major threat faced by Wiley Company is the existence of other companies that produce goods which are similar to those they produce; this has offered high competition in the market place. Such competing firms have a better service providing skills and Wiley has therefore found it hard to maintain its customers. This has made it to strategize and determine a better means to retain and even increase customers (

Due to the stiff competition by other similar companies, Wiley has improved their method of service provision so that they can cover a wider market. This trend has seen them more profitable and in a better position than its competitors.

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