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The Sun

The sun is the largest object in the solar system. Being a sphere, its diameter is about 1,392,000 kilometers; due to this fact, the radiation of the sun is not uniformly distributed on earth (Science Explorer 42). The sun is normally referred to as a yellow dwarf because of its visible radiation that is yellow-green, but it is white in color. The effect of the color is a result of scattering of the atmospheric blue light. The sun is the closest star to the earth’s surface. The earth’s center is known as the core, which is extremely hot, and this is possible by a process known as nuclear fusion, which produces a lot of energy (Science Explorer 48). This energy reaches the earth’s surface as heat. The sun is made up of gases such as hydrogen which is about 70 percent, helium at 23 percent, and rest of the contents, which are mainly metals comprising of 2 percent. The solar‘s energy travels through space enabling heat transfer through radiation. Sun is a restless object that is held to space by magnetic storms.

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Scientists across the world joined hands to find out how the sun and earth relate, and how the sun affects the earth. From their findings, the sun is approximately 149.6 million kilometers from the earth and the sun is to blame for the alteration of the weather that is seen and felt on earth (Hathaway 18). The many effects of the sun have been well known from historical time. It has been said that the sun is the driving force of the climate and weather on earth. Furthermore, it is a fact that the sun’s ferocity can destroy satellites in orbit; consequently, causing power transformers on earth to burn. It can also have a great impact on the people in aircrafts flying higher. Although those are some of the limitations experienced, the sun has its positive impact on the earth. The light emitted from the sun sustains all life on earth. Both animals and plants rely on the oxygen that the light from the sun produces. Scientists have also proved that the changing lengths of day and night are because of the earth rocking forth and away from the earth. The climate system is majorly driven by the energy that comes from the sun; part of it is partially absorbed in sections of the climate system. The seasonal variation of the earth’s climate rises because of the solar radiation absorption that is uneven in time and the space (Hathaway 48).

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To sum up, the sun, the earth, and the entire solar system relate to sustain almost all life on earth. The amount of radiation that the sun emits changes with the solar activity. The earth’s surface returns radiation back to the atmosphere in the same spectrum part of energy and this enables the earth lit by the sun to be observable from space; the same way we can see the moon and the stars from the earth. Sunspots are known to vary in cycles, and this makes the climate changes observed on earth. According to the studies by scientists, the changes in climate and weather experienced can be because of solar cycles. In addition, a link between the solar and the effect on earth’s climate supports the changes in wind patterns. The changes observed are sufficient for the warming experienced in the atmosphere; hence, the addition of greenhouse gases is the way that can match the atmospheric warming. Because the atmosphere’s nature is that transparent to sunlight, the atmospheric components absorb no or little radiation leaving minor components to absorb radiation hence the effect of the greenhouse gases.

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