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Contemporary Lessons from Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther is renowned figure with regards to the fight against racial segregation and championing for civil rights both in his native America and globally. He has proved that in a society bedeviled by the cancer of racism, it is possible to mount a struggle that is non violent.

At six years old, Luther had a firsthand taste of segregation. Two of his playmates who were white were warned not to play with him- a phenomenon his mother explained to him later on. Today, our society pays tribute to the late Luther, a human rights crusader. The fact that he was a black amidst the white society that grappled with racism shows that the background one hails does not matter. What is crucial, are the values and skills an individual possesses. An inner beauty should be given the first priority rather than outward looks. Therefore, judging one based on race and nationality is a recipe for segregation and stagnation of development.

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Moreover, self-interest defines today’s society especially in leadership arena since most people give their own interests priority. Cynicism is the subtle motivation that moves ‘leaders’ to sell their manifestos in the disguise of being the solution to problems. Luther had an opportunity to advance ambitions like wealth and power. However; he had the black minorities’ interests at heart and turned down job offers in the North in order to move to Mongomery, Alabama, a hotspot for racism thus jeopardizing the life of his family.

In conclusion, as a high school student, a female and a Muslim for that matter, Luther’s legacy and achievements encourages me to transcend beyond any gender and religious stereotypes in the society. It reminds me that to fight any social ills, one ought to be bold and selfless.

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