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Faber-Castel and Mount Blanc Pens

Whenever manufacturers embark on manufacturing a certain product, they strive to produce quality goods that will catch the eyes of the customers. This happens in all types of goods ranging from pens, books, machines, clothes and foods among other things. As such, the manufacturers of fountain pens are not left behind in as far as quality production is concerned. There are wide ranges of fountain pen companies which include Pelican, Visconti, Omas, Mount Blanc, Namiki, Faber Castell, Aurora Afrika, Cuervo y Sobrinos Mille Miglia Fountain Pen, to name but a few of the better companies. The different fountain pens by the afore-mentioned companies exhibit diverse features and are of different models. While some may appear as just ordinary pens, there are those, which have additional features or benefits. In that regard, the study strives to determine a way of calculating the value of those features and benefits. As such, the focus will be on the value of the Faber-Castel pen of the year and comparison with other fountain pen.

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Since its emergence in 2004, Faber-Castel pen has stood the test of time, and has been recognized by many as an excellent pen. In its context, the pen is manufactured from unique and rare materials, which include horsehair, stingray leather, amber and jade. In 2012, the Faber-Castel pen has gone a mile further to use wetland oak, and its cover will be 24k gold leaf. Owing to its nature, this year’s pen will cost at $4695 and there are 1500 pens only. In determining the price of this pen, it is evident that the materials used in manufacturing it, and the name it has already built for itself in the global market guide the manufacturer. Firstly, the pen is made of an ancient tree, wetland oak wood. This tree takes a long time to become mature for use in production of commodities such as pens. Additionally, the wood is not only precious, but also has fine texture that speaks for itself. As such, the manufacturer has to bring all these factors on board and arrive at a reasonable price that fits the pen of that caliber. Additionally, the pen has golden decorations, something that is sort by many across the globe. The golden decorations make it unique, besides expressing love and power. In view of all these features, it is with no doubt that, Faber-Castel Pen deserves to be sold at well and at a high price than other fountain pens in the offing.

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In contrast with Montblanc Pens, Faber-Castel Pen of the year is way above in terms of quality and price. Although Montblanc Pens have been in the offing for a longer time, and are of high quality and sophisticated, they simply cannot be compared with Faber-Castel Pen. While Faber-Castel Pen is made of unique and expensive materials, the Montblanc Pens are made of plastic, and they are not golden decorated. In the same vein, the pens represent the traditional artisanship, which has not changed a great deal. In comparison, Faber-Castel Pen meets the modern artisanship, besides being made with exclusive materials. Owing to the design and quality, the Faber-Castel Pen of this year is with no doubt more expensive than Montblanc Pens. While advertising their pens, Montblanc Company insists they are well known globally, although their pens are found in selected shops. On the other hand, Faber-Castel Pen might not be known in most countries but owing to its quality, it is selling in the limited countries where it is available.

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In conclusion, commodities of any caliber sell owing to quality, and not because of the number of years, it has been in the market. In the study, it is evident that Faber-Castel Pen 2012 is unique in all ways and as such it is more expensive than Montblanc Pens. In determining their prices, manufacturers are guided by the materials used to make a product and its uniqueness.

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