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Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is one of the films that actually overwhelm because it has been written and executed exceptionally well to suit the needs of the audience. This artwork can transform an individual who is in captivity and give him or her hope for the future life. The movie is about imprisonment that denies us freedom and comfort within our lives. Most of us are held up with some issues, which can either be psychological, social, economic, or physical. We are discouraged and pressed with these conditions and sometimes conclude that there is no essence of being in this world. However, this film gives us power and courage to move on. As a matter of fact, if Andy escaped and came out free from the other side, so we could also be released from our bondages. This magnificent film unveils the story of Andy Dufresne, who is convicted of killing his wife and jailed at Shawshank. We witness the bold step he takes to ensure that he comes from the prison. As directed by Frank Darabont, we are able to visualize the underlying motives of a prisoner who is pushing to become independent.

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The Shawshank Redemption was composed by Darabont Frank. In the movie the antagonist of the story is Andy Dufresne who was convicted of murder and jailed for at least twenty years. Andy was a banker by profession and became a murderer of his own wife. In court he pleaded not guilty, but the evidence offered against him challenged his purported innocence.

The court’s injunction to have him jailed for twenty years came as a shock, but it became real when he served the full term in prison and was now almost getting released to freedom. In the prison he identified an ally, a fellow inmate known as Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding. The continued interaction with inmates and the warden became an opportunity to Andy. He became a money launderer in the prison and a secret helper to the warder. The latter in return offered Andy great protection from the prison guards.

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From the very beginning of the movie, we are horrified by the arrest of Tim Robbins, who plays the part of Andy, and try to sympathize with the event that presents itself before him. Nevertheless, the director makes the piece interesting by convincing the audience that Andy has committed a crime and deserves to be arrested. Later, when the accused is brought to Shawshank he is sure that he is innocent and decides to work closely with his fellow inmate to ensure that he gets his freedom. The interweaving of scenes in this movie enables Frank Darabont to appear the most prolific director of a film.

It is unfortunate that Andy, who was a banker, had to go through an emotional complexity. This indicates the plight of many prisoners across the world. We get to identify with the inmates at Shawshank when Ellis Boyd Redding is cleverly made to narrate their predicament. This is a place where people are deprived their rights and isolated from their own society. Moreover, the director uses different actors to depict different traits of people in the community. There are some people who tend to give up easily when they are succumbed to a certain problem, while others are very optimistic and will do anything to ensure that their goals are realized. The move taken by Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption to create a gift for his fellow prison inmates denotes a very intelligent prisoner who is out to defy all odds to bring transformation in his country. Therefore, many captives are challenged to play their part in ensuring that their problems are addressed.

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In real sense, this recounts the story adopted from the novel, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King. Frank Darabont demonstrates his prowess in art by choosing what is best for his audience. The way he unfolds the occurrences of events in the film clearly shows transitions experienced in the modern world. He uses memorable characters, like Andy and “Red” Redding, to capture the situation in prisons. Convicts charged with different crimes are made to share the same jail. Some are always responsible for their arrest, while others are falsely accused and thrown into the prison.

Andy is able to meet many other friends and exposed to various responsibilities as well. He initially was involved in selling illegal goods on behalf of Red Redding before participating in several other activities. As a result of their friendship, Red acquires a small rock hammer that Andy would use to make small chess stones.

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The warder, Samuel Norton seeks Andy in order to serve in the library and relieve the elderly inmate Mr. Brooks Hartlen. However, the request was an imposed request since Andy was expected to run the prison finances as well. Andy with his expertise wrote letters requesting for library donations from the government.

Moreover, Andy has great hope of finding freedom and happiness in life. Although he received favor as a prisoner, he hoped to establish his own hotel in Zihuatanejo. One night he escaped through a deep tunnel he had created with his own hammer. Andy escaped with the library ledger, and using someone else’s name he withdraws all the money. Afterwards Red is freed, and the two renew their friendship in Zihuatanejo.

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Moreover, the innocent inmates normally remain bold as they wait truth to prevail. However, they are forced to adapt to the prison life and what it entails to be a prisoner. In this play, we find a man who discovered his self-worth and decided to take risks to ensure that he definitely gets his freedom. Andy does very uncommon things while in the prison. For instance, he encourages his colleagues by teaching them on moral values, assists the prison guards by helping them save money, and motivates the inmates to be scholars by improving the prison library. It is worth noting that Andy is focused and knows what he is aiming at. He transforms many lives although he is denied justice in the prison. Thus, his tactic moves earn him freedom when he eventually manages to escape.

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This film is one of the exciting works because in most case we normally have one protagonist. However, The Shawshank Redemption is quite peculiar because we see Red becoming another strong character after Andy escapes from the prison. Frank Darabont presents Red as a decent man in an unethical area who adapts to the terrifying conditions around him. We get to understand what he goes through and the indifferent trait that makes him successful after his release from the prison.

This film is a creatively made allegory of life in general of every kind of human being. The author uses prison as imagery to describe how life can be disheartening. The prison being a detaining place acts as rehabilitation as well. The outcome after being set free depends on each prisoner’s choice. He presents the image of life as equal to all people, only that some choose to complicate it. On the other hand, others opt to find hope and fulfillment where it seems completely impossible. They attain fulfillment by using their natural intellect to get the best out of the worst.

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The author uses crime to expose more facets of life in a human. Andy, who was elite, ironically killed his wife and her lover. The act of murdering a lover is associated with folly and not elitism in the society. The consequence of folly is imprisonment, and he pays the full term in prison although he initially pleaded innocent to the court. This also explains the author’s use of bad image about a prisoner to display good character in order to cover the initial awful impression. The author presents theme of integrity in a place where honesty is not fully practiced. Andy is allowed to handle the prisons’ accounts, which he does with a lot of skill and determination. A lot of donations are made and the library gets stocked up.

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Additionally, the film presents diverse examples of how people perceive life in contrary views. The prisoners acquire rehabilitation in order to become more fruitful when they get released. However, someone like Norton and Brooks find it difficult to live out of the prison life and choose to kill themselves. Nevertheless, for Andy life is so meaningful that he is free in prison and treated with favor. On escaping he establishes himself in Zihuatanejo. He finds personal value out of the harsh prison conditions and dreams of hope beyond the prison limits.

Ultimately, The Shawshank Redemption reveals the story of inmates who are informed about the significance of freedom. It requires an individual to go beyond the limits and do an extraordinary thing to ensure that his or her life is protected. Furthermore, our actions can greatly transform the lives of other people. Music is played in some parts of this beautifully told movie. The music in the montage when Andy decides to play a record on the intercom adds some feeling of calm at the scene. Thus, the attention of the audience is retained as people wait to see the next event. To sum it up, this film is quite outstanding due to the acting that has been perfectly well. In addition, the scenes in the film make it interesting because the audience is able to learn a new idea at every stage of the movie.

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