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Databases Help in Getting Information

Part 1

Databases help in getting information about a certain topic. I have used database before, and I realized that it is an easy way of obtaining information. Once one understands how to use database and how it works, he or she is in a position to use nearly any type of database. This is because databases may possibly look different or hoard different types of data; however, they work using similar principles.

I found it easy to use database since I followed the right principles and I was able to obtain the information I needed. I found it interesting using database since it provided abstract and bibliographic citation of the information one is searching; although, I had to look for more information in the library. This made my research easier, and I used less time in finding the information I wanted. I was happy to find the correct information on my chosen topic within a short time. I was confident that I will get good grades at the end of the term.

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The most challenging step in the processing of finding the source is finding the correct record of database. I realized that databases consist of records, and each record has fields. Each of the records is unique; therefore, one record represents a specific article, video or book. The records have standardized fields where information is entered. These fields are made up of words. Therefore, the words one searches in the computer must match with words in the field. For instance, in case in the subject field, the word stored is adolescent and one uses teenager, he or she is likely to lack that record. The word may have similar meaning, but it is not recognized by the database. In my search, I found it5 challenging to choose words that the database can recognize.

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The database surprised me when it could not recognize some words that looked had similar meaning with those that are in the subject field. This made it difficult to look for words that matched with those that were in the subject field. However, the searching for keywords helps one combine concepts and words in order to retrieve records that are relevant to the articles, videos and books.

Part 2

One’s annotated bibliography should assess the value of the source towards an investigation of one’s research problem or question. If the bibliography is included in the research, one should identify how and why he or she intends to use the source. An independent project bibliography should try to assess the contribution of the source to one’s research topic.  To determine how to employ a source in the research, it is important to assess the quality of the argument (Porter, 2000).

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Part 3

Many countries face problems, which are the key reason for lack of development. Some of these problems include overpopulation, human trafficking, diseases, and inter-tribal relations. The problem that I will discuss is overpopulation in India.

This problem of overpopulation is caused by illiteracy whereby people are not aware of contraceptives and how to use them. Therefore, they are not able to control their birth and population continues to increase. Tradition is also another cause where people are forbidden to use contraceptives, and, as a result, population continues to grow (Hodges, 2008).

This overpopulation has brought many impacts that, as a result, lower the country’s economy. It contributes to poverty since the little resources a family gets is divided among the many children they have; hence the family lacks something to save for the future when they lack the resources. Overpopulation also contributes to illiteracy whereby parents are not able to educate all the children because the money to educate the children is more than what parents earn. It also contributes to low income to both the family and the country. This is because of illiteracy that hinders one to secure a good job that can provide income. The country also lacks skilled personnel that can work in the industries in order to raise the country’s economy through revenue (Hodges, 2008).

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To solve this problem of overpopulation in a country, the government should come up with programs that educate people on the use of contraceptives. They should inform the m on their advantages in order to persuade them into using them. The government should come up with policies that restrict people to have a certain number of children and having more children than it should, they should pay tax for them. This policy is used in china, and it is reducing the large population gradually (Hodges, 2008).

Part 4

Visual literacy is one’s ability to identify and understand ideas transmitted through visual images or actions. Field work is aimed in developing educational programs, which train the abilities of a student to evaluate and create messages visually. It also improves the student’s writing and reading skills via employment of visual literacy techniques. This is because messages conveyed visually are not easily forgotten, and this helps a student remember what he or she is taught.

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Students are visual learners, since their brains have the capability of remembering something they have seen. Something that a person has seen is far more likely to remember that something read. The following chart shows the results of research done on students to determine their ability to remember (Boughton & Ligtvoet, 2001).

Part 5

Granting of 10% raise cost of living adjustment to the workers is one way that benefits both the company and its workers. Other area firms paying, on average, 10% more for comparable would make workers move to these company where they benefit more. Therefore, giving workers cost of living adjustment it would help maintain them. These adjustments should be paid to workers according to their output. It encourages workers to work very fast and hence increasing their productivity, which is a benefit to this company. Additionally, these awards may assist in creating worker’s sense of commitment of towards the company through the creation of positive experiences attributed to this company.

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For instance, a company that gives its workers bonuses makes hardly loses its workers, and it’s difficult for them to isolate their performance. Therefore, awarding workers has realistic ability to influence worker’s level of performance in the company. It is evident that awarding programs in a company are effective in maintaining workers (Dunlap, 2010).

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