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The main objective of writing an essay is to convince the reader on the writer’s point of view, so that the reader can take the writer’s preferred course of action on a particular idea. A persuasive essay is usually debatable, but only supports one idea over the other. Essay writing helps one to judge the potential and deliberation of a particular person.  In order for a given writer to write an exceptional persuasive essay, he/she must understand the topic well. This requires extensive research and reading.

Essay writing and reading

My preferred strategies of essay writing are as follows;

  • Analyze and understand the question. While doing this I identify the group of people that I will be communicating to and this helps mainly in deciding on the approach I will take while writing the essay.
  • Research on the essay topic extensively. Identify strongest support points.  While researching and reading, I write down the main points as this are the basis of the essay. This will help me organize the ideas and, thus answering question becomes easier.
  • Identify the strongest opposing point of view, explain it after extensive research, and then give supporting evidence to refute it. This will make the audience gain more confidence and belief in the ideas presented.

After this, I write a draft of the essay. A draft is very important because it helps one to work out what to say, what examples to use in the essay and most importantly, if one has enough information concerning the essay(Munling.2010).

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Personal Weaknesses in Reading and Writing Essays

Essay writing helps a reader get special aspect of a certain idea or subject matter (Gordon, 2010). It helps me to better understand various issues that I write about. This is because for me to write a good and persuasive essay there must be extensive research done and also understanding of the subject in order to identify supporting points and use own words to express them.

Thinking of the audience that I am communicating guides me on how to integrate my ideas and the order they will be in, with this in mind I always try to make the ideas clear.

Essay writing helps me to think more broadly. Broad thinking makes one yearn for new ideas. In companies, departments like marketing prefer hiring individuals who can write excellent proposals to the target clients. Proposals have to be written by someone who can be able to handle oral presentations of the idea. This can only be done by someone who has deep understanding of the content. Active reading and writing of essay increases understanding and imaginative power. Essay writing and reading is also beneficial to most people in careers such as script writers, novel writers, song writers and even poets. In the present day, people are writing more and more in blogs, web pages and also in advertisements.

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A major weakness I have in essay writing the problem of choosing a particular topic to work on. When I am writing a topic that is interesting to me I find myself very motivated. This pushes me to research on required material, including reading other essays. When the topic is not preferable to me, I end up writing a substandard paper with no deep research.

Procrastination also comes up mostly when I am writing an essay on a topic that I dislike. A good essay requires that you enjoy the reading, think on it, talk about it, and follow up on references. I find myself hurriedly working on my essay when the due date is very close simply because the topic is not interesting. Most teachers recognize this, especially because proofreading will not be done well and with poor preparations, one expects poor outcome. To avoid this I try to work on an essay in a positive frame of mind. This is by starting work while there is still enough time. Talk about the topic with others because there might be someone who like that particular topic and might encourage me to have a positive attitude towards the topic.

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I believe one of my personal strengths in communication is that I can talk to anyone. I enjoy talking to people. I have learned to communicate well face to face with people since I am an outgoing person. With this ability, I challenge people and ask questions and by so doing I end up gathering a lot of information from them. It is much easier for me to communicate when I have a clear understanding of what the conversation is all about. I try to communicate clearly the point I am trying to make so that the listeners can comprehend the information. This requires a lot of reading. With an objective of sharing the information with others, I am to read a particular essay and understand it well.

A challenge in gathering information especially from oral speech is the difference in language used. An academic essay requires a formal mode of communication. It does not allow colloquialism or slang, which are mostly used in spoken language and everyday conversations. For instance, an essay writer should use “do not” instead of “don’t”.

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In conclusion, I have learned that the best way to achieve one’s goals is to stay focused on your strengths and not weaknesses.  I know that to keep up with the best I have to constantly improve myself and have a desire to succeed.

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