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Nursery Rhymes and Language Mastery

The purpose of this paper is to bring to light the need for a god foundation for children as they learn basic language and phonetics. Children find a lot of influence in the people around them and they tend to grasp even sound and pronunciations from family and from school. The fact that the world has become a global village means that more children are surrounded by a lot of different people from different ethnic and language backgrounds. As a result, children will tend to need more influence and direction to ensure that their grasping of the basic language skills is on point.

Nursery rhymes have been with us for the longest time. However, people have not been aware to the extent of influence they have on children. This study will bring to light the importance of these rather simple yet important children rhymes in the overall language mastery for children. The results of this study will also act as a guide as to which type of rhymes have the biggest influence on children. Some may just add fun and activity while others will be a great way to assist children develop their speech and language.

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This study will also seek to find out if nursery rhymes may in anyway contribute to the development of a child’s overall understanding and memory development. Besides assisting in pronunciations, some rhymes require memorizing and this may go a long way in making way for children to start keeping things in memory. The study will also look at the extent to which nursery rhymes are used. It has been the prerogative of the nursery school and individual teachers to teach the children under their care rhymes. As a result some children have more exposure to rhymes than others. These studies will look at how much the average child is exposed to and if it benefits the child or not. An average number of nursery school rhymes will be sought and if there is too much or too little exposure to have any effects on the children.

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