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Introduction to Text Linguistics

The prime purpose of this paper is to show a set of conditions that constrain accent placement in focused nominally premodified NPs. BLUM-KULKA, (1981 pp 176) cites that as observed by Selkirk (1984), the premodifier is an argument of the title then the title can be reaccented.

According to BLUM-KULKA, (1981 pp178) as observed earlier by (Roy Peter Clark, Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. Little, brown, 2006) the larger parts of a narration should always link, however, the other smaller portions need to be joined to the larger part. Grammatical cohesion is the lexical and grammatical correlation in a sentence. It’s the link that holds together text in a sentence so as to give a meaning. Coherence is achieved when parts of the sentences connect well and in situations where the larger portions of the story fit is referred to as cohesion. In order to achieve cohesion is a writer joins their organized portions with adequately comprehensible and multiple signal of words like ‘therefore’ ‘nonetheless’, ‘lastly’ in order to make the development of their matters precise and to guide his or her audience well through issues presented.

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Therefore, it is imperative that besides coherence, writing must contain an effectual design, with a precise set of ‘hang ons’ and ‘connections’ that guarantees the reader’s concerns and understanding. Finally, it is sufficient to say that coherence is the ability of a good design to ‘hold together’ an argument whether in written or spoken form. Thus, cohesion is the act of providing the audience with the required understanding that helps them to comprehend the method. Cohesion provides the reader with the clues for ascertaining coherence. (Wayne C. Booth and Marshall W. Gregory, The Harper & Row Rhetoric: Writing as Thinking/Thinking as Writing. 1987) On the other hand,

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the use of Ellipsis in a sentence involves the omission of phrases or words that are necessary for a syntactical construction but not essentially for understanding.

Cohesion as applied in linguistics is the application of language forms to depict semantic connections between elements in an argument. Hence, grammatical cohesion is tasked with issues of ellipsis, conjunctions, reference and substitution. On the other hand, lexical cohesion is tasked with features like a metonymy, repetition, antonymy, collocation, synonymy and others. Instantial cohesion is tasked with connections that are authentic only for meticulous content.  Collectively, cohesion and register sum up to textuality, the being that something is a text but not a disorganized mix of sentences.

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(Tom Michael McCarthy and Tom McArthur, "Cohesion." The Oxford Companion to the

“He does not drink”

For instance, the imperative duty of a noun in syntax is to head the noun phrase which the noun functions as subject: e.g. ‘He does not drink’. However, a noun can also combine freely with another noun to form a compound. This is an occurrence that is common across a wide range of languages (BLUM-KULKA, pp177-181). Therefore in this case a reader is made to understand that the compound produced is itself a single word. It is inflected as such the first element usually is uninflected. This therefore means that in languages where nouns have a complete inflectional paradigm, it can serve as a criterion by which compounds can be identified. Likewise, in English compounds the first noun is not usually a plural, even though there are a few exemptions, for instance ‘arms dealer’, where N1 has a communal interpretation. However, this principle is less practical in English than in most other languages because of the rareness of nominal inflections. This fact is supported with the lack of adjectival inflection as well as the strong tendency of English to use adjectives in attributive position.

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It is quite unbelievable that, Kinraddie Council have pronounced their intent of closing a larger number of libraries this year. This they will do regardless the more than 150 years reputation and cherish that the Mearns Library has always been accorded by the community.

There is every reason to remember what Michael Rosen said that books are the fundamental things in education. However, the council does not want to acknowledge that too. It is well known that cherished Mearns library is managed by well meaning staff; it is accessed by majority of children as well as other consulting students regardless of age. The library has also been serving as a social center for all classes of people.  How are we going to do without it?

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Let all who have legitimate concerns about education and the community assemble on:


Meeting will start at 7 o’clock in Mearns Library.

Agenda: protecting all local libraries

Please! Please! Inform others by spreading the word and remember to come with ideas and support.

From the statement it is clearly evident that the reader will note the issue being addressed is on the value of the library and the potential solutions that the community might provide through meeting. In line with his main and original library issue, the writer continues to keep his argument by notifying the public on reason of the intended meeting he is calling the public. He also uses an earlier observation by Michael Rosen regarding the importance of the library. He further draws the attention of the public toward the library by reminding them of the social touch they have been receiving from the library employees.

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De Beaugrande and Dressler (1981) opine that according to linguistic the investigations concerns in specialized discourse and dates back to the early decades. As early as in the nineteen twenties to nineteen thirties, scholars from Prague school turned their focus to what is largely referred to as “functional style’ which is characterized with technical and scientific approaches. In its approach, ‘functional style’ was conservative and had the intent to classify such discussion in lower regard that was utterly distinct from the language of every day use. These researchers designed above all to provide explicit definitions of the differences amid specialized and collective discourse (BLUM-KULKA, pp 172-185).

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As cited by Burning(1997 pp 20) The changeover from an uncontextualised perspective of language, typical of the Chomskyan custom, to its sensitivity as a vastly flexible means of communication used in different situations made the study of dedicated discourse within the larger spectrum of situational-contextual varieties. The approach opted for by such studies has resulted to several taxonomies and typologies committed to isolating the distinctive forms of each situational variety.

Therefore, I agree with Selkirk's observation and argue that what is indispensable is not whether the premodifier is a grammatical discourse of the head noun, but rather, whether it is a complement in lexical conceptual structure. Moreover, words with specific features like morphology retained their originality and plural suffix archaic forms of verbs and adjectives as well as the formation of nominal premodification identified distinctly during research were limited to technical or scientific dialogues though these clearly and commonly occur in such multiplicities. This study examined the use of substitution in English literature when translating and the consistency of some words that retained originality. The results indicated that nominal and verbal substitutions are the most regular types in English.

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