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Trends for 2012 in Mobile Application

According to Gartner, the number of location-based services is expected to reach 1.4 billion by the year 2014. These services ensure that features and functionalities are delivered to various users with respect to various contexts, such as the location of the user, his or her age, gender, tastes, preferences, and profession among others. Therefore, they enable the user to get better services that the basic location service cannot provide. The reason behind this fact is that the location is among the utmost enablers that are used to deliver different services based on the context of a certain user. In this regard, the year 2012 is likely to witness more context-aware services that are driven by location. It is also true that context-aware applications use different information about a person, such as the history, activities, and environment among others. Therefore, the developers should strive to provide additional location services, such as the directory assistance, advertising, mapping, and privacy among others.

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The fastest growing consumer-based mobile applications use is in the social networking sites. Theses social networks are now accommodating a bigger chunk of network traffic. Therefore, they are becoming transit hubs, portals, or even cloud storage for messages, videos, photos, and email traffic among many others that are in a trajectory. These trends are likely to make social sites collaborate with other parties and become infrastructure providers using open APIs. This will make them data providers because of their ability to store data.

Visual Mobile search is also another fundamental mobile feature that enables the user to make decisions concerning many issues. This service enable users to obtain instant information, make a comparison, and eventually come to a decision. Therefore, there will be a need to develop mobile applications that will enable users to search and immediately make some decisions like, for instance, calling or buying certain products. Because users have limited time to find the information using their devices, suitable mobile applications will be necessary for integrating technology with search providers. This will be facilitated with an aim to provide better mobile search services this year.

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To hitherto, mobile commerce is practiced as e-commerce although to a lesser extent. However, the next two years are likely to welcome an intensive use of applications that will target commerce. For instance, users may be able to send alerts to store managers about their presence in a shopping mall in order to facilitate the purchasing process or even use a photo to identify the items to be purchased. Therefore, older mobile applications may evolve into mobile browsers like HTML5 in future.

The ease of using an application is paramount before introducing it into the markets. Therefore, the much-anticipated introduction of the Near Field Communication (NFC) payment in high-ended phones in 2011 will require certain things to be fulfilled. Customers need to be educated on how to use the application behind the service and, at the same time, increase awareness and coverage of such services. All these requirements are achievable if the application used is developed properly.

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It is expected that an application with more capabilities in terms of the ability to provide an easy to use interface between different devices, such as the one provide by OR. This is because of the development of advanced applications in high-ended devices that have an increased ability to sense even the surrounding environment. Therefore, users will be able to use cameras and other sensing devices when traditional applications are combined with OR. This will enable the users to get advanced search services and, at the same time, to enjoy the use of different applications due to their improved functionality.

Because of a dynamic technology environment, some traditional communication methods are suffering losses due to the revenue cuts from voice communications. It is expected that MIM will attract more people to newer types of unified communications. Therefore, companies will try to integrate MIM with other types of communications that will sustain functionality in order to avoid such loses. Such communication types include location and presence services.

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